The Board of Governors is crucial to the operation of the SMHA.  The Board sets the quantity and quality of services provided to the homeowners; establishes policy for the safe and proper use of Association facilities, maintains the common facilities, and establishes dues, fees and special assessments when needed.  The overall budget of the Board varies year-by-year but is currently in the range of $175,000.

Serving on the Board is a way you can give back the work and dedication of your neighbors who have served before you.  Besides setting policy and help keep your Association strong you will earn the respect of your fellow community members, meet neighbors you barely knew existed, and find yourself involved in interesting issues.

The Board is not a social group.  There is real work to be done.  And you're paid nothing (volunteer work in total except for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses).

With 90 homes in the SMHA, and five Board members, on average each home would serve on the Board once every eighteen years.  That is not an unreasonable imposition on the individual homeowners and Board service can be satisfying as you witness the impact of your efforts in improving our community.  It is always beneficial if at least one Board member continues for a second consecutive year since that provides for continuity of policies and the completion of issues that overlap the terms of the two Boards.

How much of your time will it take?  That depends on the issues at hand for the year and the Board position you agree to accept.  A rough estimate is that your service will require 4-8 hours per month in addition to the two hours spent at each monthly meeting.  If your Board adopts a particularly active agenda then your service may take a few hours more each month.

As the November election approaches each year it is always difficult to find homeowners who are willing to place their name on the ballot.  Why do people think that management of the Association is someone else's duty?  Typically there are only six or seven names on the ballot each year so if you run you should expect that your election is likely.

Please give real consideration to serving on the Board of Governors.  In the end you won't be sorry (just ask any past Board member).  If your home has never served on the Board, or it's been twenty years or longer since your last service, then it's time to step up to the challenge.  Please help keep your community association strong and volunteer to run for election.  Role statements for the various Board positions are in a separate article on this web site and will provide you with a glimpse of what your duties might be.  The Board is elected at large and selects its own chairperson and makes the other assignments that comprise the overall Board.

Thank you