1. The tennis court is restricted to tennis only.  Please do not allow children or guests to use the court as a bicycle arena, game area, or for any other purpose.  The surface of the tennis court is specially designed for the game of tennis and misuse can cause damage that can be costly to repair.


  1. Tennis shoes must be worn; playing in bare feet is not permitted.


  1. Food, beverages and sun tan lotions are not to be taken on the court.


  1. When others are waiting to play:  limit rally to 5 minutes


-         Pro set (no deuce) with tie breaker at 5-5

-         No singles, please


  1. Players 17 years and younger are to yield to older players on weekends and holidays.


  1. Monday Friday from 3-5 PM the court is reserved for junior tennis players, ages 17 and younger.  Any adult must relinquish the court immediately to a junior player during this time period.


  1. Monday Friday, after 5 PM, juniors must relinquish the court immediately to adults.


  1. Court etiquette will be observed by all Homeowners and their guests.


  1. No group may assume priority at any time except as noted above.


  1. The court must be locked at all times when it is not in use.  This will help prevent vandalism and theft of the outdoor furniture which has been a problem in the past.  If you need a key for the court, contact a member of the tennis committee or the Board of Governors.