If you wish to invite more than six non-Mesa guests to the pool/tennis area, you must complete this application and send it, along with a refundable check for $50 payable to “Starlight Mesa HOA”, to Starlight Mesa Board of Governors, c/o Cynthia Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive, La Canada CA 91011.  Please see the Recreation Area Reservations Calendar on the SMHOA website to find out if there is a party already scheduled for that date/time, as there may be only one private party at the same time.

Please note that this reservation does not give exclusive use of these areas, which remain available to all Starlight Mesa residents and their guests.

It is a L.A. County law that children under 14 years of age in the pool in the pool enclosure must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.  Please comply with the posted pool rules, especially with regard to not using glass containers, and that all non-Mesa guests must be accompanied by an adult homeowner at all times.   Food may be served on the tables, if care is taken that no items are left near the pool’s edge.

Your deposit check will be returned upon a favorable inspection by a Mesa Board member, if the following guidelines were followed:
*   The reserved area is left in clean condition
*   All personal items are taken with you at the conclusion of the event
*   All trash is removed to your home.  If you wish to use the Mesa trash cans, you must carry the black bags out, and replace them with clean, 33-gal. size bags that lap over the sides of the trash can.
*    Close the pool area umbrellas and restore the deck furniture to its original positions.

Your deposit is forfeited if the common area or pool area is not left appropriately cleaned.

Complete and send with your refundable check for $50 to:
Starlight Mesa Board of Governors, c/o
Cynthia Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive, La Canada CA 91011:

Event Date:_______________________________Time: From_________To__________


Type of Event (scouts, birthday day party,etc):___________________________________

Number of Attendees: ___________

Name:_______________________________Email Address_______________________

Street Address_________________________________________Lot # ______________

Day Phone____________________________________Today’s Date________________

Deposit Returned?_____________________Deposit withheld?_____________________
Rev 4-12-22