Nominations for the 2012 Borad of Governors of Starlight Mesa:

By now, you should have received a nomination form for the Starlight Mesa Board of Governors for 2012. These must be received by Cardinal Management by Friday, October 5th.  If you need another form, please let  me know, or download one from here.

Remember that you must be sure your candidate is willing to serve.  

Please read this article to inform yourself of your obligations as a resident of Starlight Mesa.  

The duties and responsibilities of a Board member may be found here.

For those who have never served, please know that your  neighbors will be very grateful for your willingness to better our neighborhood.  


Update your directory:

--Charles Chung (attorney) and his wife, Tara Thacker  (physician) and their young children Conner and Hudson, have moved into 228  Starlight Crest Drive (on the corner of Starlane).  

Charles' cell - 310 729-3287    _Charleschung96@gmail.com_ ( ,

Tara's cell - 323 547-5036        _tara.thacker@alum.dartmouth.org_ ( ,

--Julie and George Ghaby, who were tenants at 261 Starlane  Drive, are now renting the house at 5311 Pali Point Lane, following Dirk  Heinrich and wife Sravanthi Reddy's move to Altadena.  


Pictures from the fabulous 2011 BBQ/Picnic can be seen here.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger, expandable image.


Muriel Horacek, Mesa  Secretary