Please RSVP by August 20 if you will be attending the Starlight Mesa Summerfest BBQ on Saturday, August 27.    4:30 to Dark. 
$10 for Adults, $5 for children under 12, Children under 3 are Free.
Make your check out to SMHA and give to Tina Blum at 5201 Diamond Point Road or call her at 952-0641. 
In view of the higher costs caused by the rains and the recent water rate increase, your Board has prioritized common area watering and maintenance (highest to lowest).
1.  Pool, parks and surroundings
2.  Where visible from Mesa streets or front doors
3.  Where visible from Mesa back doors
4.  Where invisible from the above, or near a slope's crest
Your comments or suggestions for projects to cost-effectively maintain/enhance Mesa homeowner value are welcomed.
A Mesa family reported and removed a rat swimming in our pool.  The chlorine is sufficient to counteract any adverse effect from one rat.  However, during the past week I have found potato chips near the pool edge, and an open bag of cheese doodles on a table and spilled onto the cement.  Perfect rat food!!  In order to maintain the purity of our pool water, we urge everyone who sees food left in the pool area to place it in one of the garbage cans rather than wait until Tina or I clean it up the next morning.
More pool notes:  The long pole with a net was found broken in half and has now been replaced, and the garbage lids have been found out of shape.  These items are not for play.
After a period of clean lawns, Tina and I have again had to clean up dog poop, especially from the playground at Starlight Mesa & Starlight Crest.   Please....
In response to recently security concerns, Hank has spoken to the Sheriff's Dept. and requested increased patrols.  I have also given copies of my recent emails regarding break-ins, etc. to our gardeners, so they may be more aware of unwanted visitors. 
No one has claimed the pool and house keys found at the pool.  If you are missing a set, call Muriel at 790-7950.
Our gardeners have completed common-property brush clearance, clearing the culverts and erecting erosion control barriers.  The Forest Service will be notified per their request.  The Board is considering planting honeysuckle, as recommended by Jose because it needs little water, to maintain slopes.

Hank Smither, President                                          790-1423

Maynard Morris, Treasurer                                      790-5502

Muriel Horacek, Secretary & Newsletter Editor    790-7950

Tina Blum, Maintenance                                          952-0641

Mark Goddard, Maintenance Assistant                 790-7696