SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, September 12th, at 4:00 PM will be our Annual BBQ.  Watch for more details.
Another reminder:  Entrance to the pool area is limited to the hours of 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, except adults swimming laps between 6 and 9 AM.  A Mesa family is being fined $50 after a teenage member of the family was found in the pool area at 9:45 PM. 
After finding almost 100 cigarette butts in the foliage within 2 ft. of the Gazebo, the Board has declared ALL COMMON AREAS OF THE MESA TO BE NON-SMOKING AREAS.  This includes the entire pool/tennis area, the playground on the corner of Starlight Mesa Drive, and "the green" at the end of the path from Starlight Mesa Drive.  This is due to a high fire hazard, and clean-up duties as a result of smoking.  Parents: please inform your teenagers and their friends of this smoking ban.
Notice to those planning to paint their houses:  Although Article II, Section 2 of the CC&Rs states that "each owner shall have the exclusive right to paint, repaint...and otherwise refinish structures on his individual lot", the Board interprets Article X, Section 2, which states that "no person may....alter, repair, improve, remove or demolish any structure or fence in such a way that the exterior appearance of the structure or fence is changed" to mean that anyone who wishes to change the color of the outside of his house must apply to the Board for approval.  
Check our Starlight Mesa website regularly for news, pool rules, minutes of Board meetings and more.  The latest update includes minutes of the June 27th Board meeting.  I have AOL and find that AOL does not update websites very often, so I had to go to Internet Explorer to get the updated page.
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