July 26, 2008



You may have seen the new tables and umbrellas at the pool.   We have added a couple new tables and umbrellas and replaced a broken one. 

We will also be replacing the benches and the fence at the Children's Park on Starlight Crest as well as a bench by the tennis court. They are well past their lifetime!

Water Conservation - our water bill is one of the larger Mesa budget items, as well as a resource that is getting squeezed everywhere.  We have moved to drip-watering of the plants at the Children's Park and next to the pool.

We have also continued the use of mulch around the plants and on our hillsides to hold in the water and limit weeds and brush growth.  As an added benefit this cuts back on the brush clearance we have to do every year.

Next time you are at the pool, take a good look at the pool house - it is reaching it's lifetime.  In fact the pool house as well as the solar heating system that warms the pool water was installed in 1980 - 28 years ago. (Forward looking for its time!)  The Board is examining ideas to renovate the pool house giving more functionality and a longer swim season. A modern, somewhat larger set of solar panels would give us warmer water earlier in the spring and later in the fall.


Time to start thinking about being a board member. You meet more of your neighbors, it takes a couple hours per month and is just fun!  

There are 5 board members at a time. We have 90 homes on the Mesa, so if you pitch in once every 18 years you are on schedule!!  See these articles for why you should be a Board member and the roles and responsibles of Board members.


Hold the date -  The annual meeting is schedule for Wednesday, November 12th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club.


The Board has passed a new policy concerning dumping on common land.  Any costs associated with the removal of tree trimmings, whole trees, animal waste, furniture (see picture of sofa below), etc. will be passed on to the resident deemed responsible.

During the last brush clearance, Jose had to clear a significant amount of additional waste behind Mesa homes.  We have worn out his gracious generosity.  Both private garbage companies that service the Mesa will remove any such items, if they are left at curbside on the appropriate day.

Beyond the financial costs resulting from dumping, piles of dead tree and shrub trimmings contribute to the fire danger of the Mesa.

The Board also reminds residents of Article II of the CCR's.  It prohibits altering the drainage of our hillsides.   Residents are not allowed to drain their gutters, patios, etc out to the hillsides.  Such individual changes to our hillside drainage have resulted in undue erosion and damage to a culvert.  If changes to individual lot drainage is necessary, the Board suggests a homeowner have a drain pipe installed out to the street either in front or behind their home.  This pipe should be underground.  In the case of a drain pipe being installed across common land or down a hillside to a street, the Board should be informed. (Jose will contract for these jobs for a very reasonable charge.