STARLIGHT MESA - JULY 2006 NEWS           
I'm glad to see so many enjoying the pool during this HOT spell.   
Thank you to Bill Gilmore who installed a new net on the basketball post near the tennis court. 
It's getting to be that time of year again - when we start thinking of the five Board members for '07.  Each Board member serves for one calendar year, but may (with our gratitude) place their name on the ballot for another year if they wish. 
The Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association annual meeting will be Wednesday, November 15 at La Caņada Country Club, at which the election will take place.  New California state law requires that each resident receive a Candidate Nomination Form at least two months before the annual meeting, which means you will be asked to nominate residents for the Board in early September. 
We ask that you think and discuss with fellow residents who you would like to serve on the 2007 Board.  You are also urged to nominate yourself (or your spouse!).  Forty-two current homeowners have had one or more family members serve on the Board in the past, and some served 4 to 7 years.   Thank you!
This means that 45 families have never had a representative on the Board.  (Three houses are not occupied or have a renter).  If anyone would like to see a list of those 45, I will be glad to send it to you.  We would like to have ten candidates so the residents will have a choice.  You do have to have a person's approval before placing their name on the Nomination Form.
After the votes are counted at the annual meeting, the five elected Board members will meet and choose among themselves which office each will fulfill.  These duties include:
--Chairperson:  provides overall coordination of the Board members, conducts the monthly Board meetings, resolves issues not covered by other Board member's duties
--Treasurer:  maintains current budget and prepares the following year's budget, submits bills to SMG (but SMG actually cuts the checks and collects residents' dues)
--Secretary and Newsletter editor:  maintains records of the Association, records minutes of Board meetings, sends email or delivers snailmail notices to residents
--two Maintenance co-chairpersons:  supervision of landscape contractors and pool service company, negotiates and contracts for repairs of Mesa facilities
Muriel Horacek