--Make this your Spring Clean-Up Weekend, as all large items will be picked up free of charge next Friday, May 25th.  This includes furniture, refrigerators, washers, computers, TVs, lumber and branches (tied in bundles).  They will NOT pick up hazardous materials such as paint, motor oil, batteries or tires.   For further information call (888) 336-6100.  

--The following weekend the regular pick-up will be a day later due to Memorial Day, so don't put out your garbage cans until Friday evening, June 1st.

--The Board has been notified that quite a few Mesa residents are behind in their quarterly fees, making extra work for SMG in their collection.  Please make payments promptly.

--The Berrymans reported that their garden maintains its reputation as "Mesa Wildlife Center" by a visit by a bobcat last week.  Last year it was two mountain lions.  Their neighbor had two coyotes, which haven't been seen in the Mesa as frequently as in the past.  

--To reserve a private party at the pool, download an application from our website and send it to SMG with a check for $50 deposit.  At the same time, let me know, so two events aren't scheduled for the same time.  Reservations do not restrict residents from using the pool or other areas during these parties.  An adult must be inside the pool fence at all times when children are in the pool area.  All party trash must be removed from the site.  If you use our garbage cans, you must replace the plastic bags. The grounds will be checked after the party and if it is properly cleaned up, SMG will be authorized to return your check.

--It's time to start thinking about our annual picnic/BBQ.  We have set the date for Saturday, September 8th.  Approximately 100 enjoyed the wonderful Korean BBQ last year.  Please send me your suggestions for type of food, and also if you are willing to help.   

Muriel Horacek  790-7950    cell 383-4533