Gardening News:  Please read carefully, and let me know your preference.
1.  Our gardeners will apply WEED B GON to Mesa lawns to eliminate weeds. This might require several applications, one week apart, according to the condition of your lawn.  There is no charge for this.   
2.  Please let me know, YES or NO, if you would like WEED B GON used on your lawn by replying to this email.  They will start applying it in mid-April.
3.  The gardeners will also re-seed your lawn for an extra fee.  The fee will depend on how many sign up, the size of your lawn, and the particular seed used.  It would probably range from $125-200 for a 12 ft x 20 ft lawn.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE RE-SEEDING.  I will then have one of the gardeners contact you to choose which seed you would like, and to quote a price.
If re-seeding is to be successful, the homeowner must insure their sprinklers are working properly and the new lawn is watered on a regular basis.
4.  Assuming the weed removal and re-seeding is finished in the next six weeks, they plan to fertilize all front lawns on May 17.  There is no charge for this.  It will be necessary for you to water the lawn thoroughly after the fertilizing.  I will send out a reminder of this in mid-May.
Please remember to lock your cars, day or night, when they are in your driveway or on the street.  The recent reports of thefts were from unlocked cars. 
Once this late rainy season is over, we can all enjoy the new sun umbrellas at the pool.  Our maintenance chairmen, Jodie Kendall and Michael Durfee, also arranged for new webbing on the chairs, a new clock, and new lights.  
Please remind all members of your family that smoking is not allowed in the pool area.  Cigarette butts are continually found on the pool deck.
Muriel Horacek, Newsletter Editor
185 Starlight Crest Drive