MARCH 3, 2009

You all should have received  the Starlight  Mesa Pool House Proposal with a ballot to vote your approval or rejection.   This was mailed to all owners of houses, but not to renters.  If anyone did  not receive this in the mail, please let me know.

Before voting, I urge you to take a walk to the  pool and see for yourself why we are proposing this improvement.  If you  have further questions, please call one of the Board members, as listed below,  who will be glad to discuss this with you.

Correction:  the meeting on March 30 at my  home is NOT an "Annual Meeting", but a regular monthly meeting of the Mesa Board  during which a representative of our management company, TMEI, will be present  to count the ballots.  I will inform Mesa residents by email immediately  as soon as the results are known.   

As always, residents are welcome to attend our  monthly meetings.  If you have a request or problem to discuss, it would be  appreciated if you would inform the president or secretary the nature of your  request in advance of any meeting.


Suggestions and comments:

--Coyotes and possums wander  our streets at night.  If you have trash in plastic bags, please wait until  7:00 Friday morning to put it at the curb, to avoid having it scattered  throughout the street.

--Residents are complaining to me that dogs are pooping on their  front lawns.  I doubt if it's from our well-behaved Mesa pets, but outside  dog walkers enjoying our nice neighborhood.  If you meet any who are not  carrying plastic bags, you might give them one.  (I have done this, and it  works!)

--Please be sure the pool gates are locked when you leave that  area - it's the law!

--If you're in the tennis court area, note the improvement to  the railings of those treacherous steps up to Starlight Crest Drive.

--While walking down Starlane, take note of the plantings on the  slope, as

initiated by the 2006 Board.  It takes time and patience, but  they're spreading nicely and are a big improvement.


Mesa Board 2009

President            Scott  Swanson      818  952-0652 (

Treasurer            John  Kim               818  952-5514 (   

Maintenance       Joe  Bergen            818  952-0647 (

Maintenance     Tom  Cwik               818 952-2529       (

Secretary/Newsletter             Muriel Horacek      818  790-7950 (