It's springtime in the Mesa, and that means plants are growing.  They will also be sprouting on the Starlane hillside, where we have authorized Jose and his crew to remove the dead bushes and give us some color.  He is also re-piping some of the sprinklers to accommodate the new plantings. 
Maintenance Board member Joe Bergen sought advice from the County Forestry Division in choosing plants that not only beautify the slope but control erosion and are fire resistant.  Acacias are being removed as they are not considered fire safe.  Once established, this colorful new groundcover should lower the cost of annual brush clearance.  As we watch how well these plants perform in the next few years, the Board will make use of this knowledge in improving other common areas of the Mesa. 
Jose has also installed pipes to water the right side of the planter at the Mesa Entrance, so that will now be re-planted. 
As we head into the fire season, here are a few reminders for us all:
1.  Remove dead branches and bushes around your house.  And don't forget the leaves and pine needles that rest on your fireproof roof.
2.  Please do not dump debris from your garden into common areas or leave it for our Mesa gardeners to dispose of.  It should be put out in your "green" trash cans for Friday pick-up.  If homeowner debris removal from common areas results in additional cost to the Mesa, the homeowner will be asked to pay for that removal.
3.  A request to remove a tree from a common area must be sent to the Mesa Board in writing (email or letter), and you will receive an answer in writing.
Since some residents have changed their email address, please RSVP to me that you received this newsletter.  If I do not receive your reply, I will deliver a printed newsletter to your house.
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