Starlight Mesa Homeonwers Association

December 14, 2008



Remember that safety is paramount!  Our teenagers are starting to drive, and we even have smaller kids riding bikes and walking to school. (What a concept!!)  Cars have been seen speeding through Mesa streets, especially at the three-way intersection of Starlane Drive and Mariners View Lane.  Some of our younger drivers  have been speeding through that intersection.  A reminder to all of us that that safe driving will save lives.

Great Holiday Party at the Berta's

The reports were that there was a full turnout and lots of fun at the Berta's. Many thanks to them for a great party.

Dogs Running Free in the Mesa

It has been recently noticed that dogs are running free about the Mesa.  The little gifts (yes, dog poop) are showing up in front of houses and sometimes they have been seen without leashes running in front of the cars, jumping on people's flower beds and so on. Let's manage our dogs.

It should  also be added that no food should be left in the open - as it is inviting problems with all the wild life in our area.

Parking over the Holidays

Many Mesa residents will have guests visiting during the holidays and parking can sometimes be limited, so please consider the following:  Everyhome in the Mesa has a two car garage, and every home has room for at least two cars in the driveway, and finally there is room for a least two cars in front of your own house - so please, before you park in front of someone's home, consider parking in front of your own home.

And on the lighter-side, it is funny how most people will keep $500 of junk in their garage and park $50,000 of cars outside.


Due to some patio and yard work by a homeowner near the pool, we took the opportunity to replace a water main to the pool that was near end-of-life.  This saved a lot of funds and aggravation compared to a sudden replacement in the future.

A BIG THANKS to Out-going Board Members

When you see Joe Varavetto, Christian Jangenberg and Tanya Zimmerman give them a BIG THANKS for their time on the board.  As we know this is a volunteer activity that only improves our community and they have worked with wonderful energy and skill.