The Starlight Mesa 2007 Board had a very  informative meeting with the incoming 2008 Board last night, discussing  ongoing maintenance projects and going over the 2008 Budget line by line.


Steve Gutierrez from SMG, who is retiring due to debilitating Lou Gehrig's disease, introduced us to Barbara and Jay Schellen,  who will be our representatives from The Management Emporium, a property  management service located in Glendale.  We bid Steve a fond farewell, with  gratitude for the more than ten years of excellent service he and his wife Julie  have given the Mesa.


If the quarterly payment coupons are not ready by  the end of this month, The Management Emporium will send you a statement for  January, with the coupons to follow later.


The incoming Mesa Board decided on the  following distribution of duties for 2008:

     Joe  Varraveto                                            Chairman

    Christian  Jagenberg                                   Treasurer

    Joe  Bergen                                                 Maintenance

    Tanya Zimmerman  & Tom Cwik will  share Communications and Maintenance duties.


The former post of "Secretary", which  includes recording the minutes of Board meetings as well as writing a  newsletter, is now covered under Communications.  Maintenance  is obviously  the most time-consuming duty, and therefore Tanya  and Tom will be very involved in working with Joe Bergen in that  regard.


We wish you happy holidays and best wishes for a  good new year.


Muriel Horacek, Secretary, 2007 Board