Thirty-nine Mesa residents enjoyed snacks and good fellowship at the annual SMHOA meeting at La Canada Country Club Tuesday evening, November 13.  For photos and to read the financial statements presented, go to our website
The website will also give you the history of the red Christmas trees that the Mesa is famous for, including directions on how to make one with just a few pieces of wood.  It is a lovely sight to look up from Foothill Blvd. and see the red lights on the hillside above.
It was announced at the meeting that there will be a dues increase of $25 per quarter, making the payments starting January 2008 $150 pr month, or $450 per quarter, according to how you pay it.  This is partially due to necessary culvert repair on common area slopes, especially necessary before the anticipated rainy season.  We still haven't been able to determine the exact cost of the repair, due to several canceled visits by contract companies. 
Charles Berryman and Dayton Jones told us of other future repairs likely needed in the next few years, including the pool house, gardener's shed, and sprinkler systems.  Our houses originally sold for $45,000, and most of them have been updated to warrant the current $1 million+  valuation, so Mesa infrastructure also needs continual updating.
A reminder:  This Friday is Fall Clean-Up Day, so large items will be picked up at no charge.  This includes furniture, refrigerators, washers & dryers, computers, VCRs, TVs, but NOT hazardous materials such as paint, motor oil, pesticides, batteries, etc.  Please have them at your curb by 6:00 AM Friday morning, November 16.
As expected, the five nominees running for the 2008 Board were elected, and at their first meeting they will determine which office each will fulfill.
Due to Steve Gutierrez's serious health problems, he and wife Julie have sold SMG to another management company headquartered in Glendale, effective January 1.  You will be notified as to where to send future dues payments.
Muriel Horacek, Secretary