Thirty persons joined together at the La Canada Country Club on Wednesday, November 9th for the Annual Meeting of Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association.  Our thanks to them as well as those of you who returned ballots to achieve a quorum.  Elected to your 2006 Board were:  Michael Durfee, Muriel Horacek, Bill Imbriale, Jodie Kendall, and Hank Smither.

The meeting was opened by our current Chairman, Hank Smither, who acknowledged and thanked for their considerable contributions to the Mesa this year:  Tina and Bob Blum, Mark Goddard, Gordon Wood, Glenn Cunningham,  and Tom McCutchan.  He also introduced new homeowner Tanya  Zimmerman and her daughter, Pearl (5208 Diamond Point Road), and Steve and Julie Gutierrez from SMG Management.

Maynard Morris, Treasurer, reported that in spite of increased gardening, water, and brush clearance costs, revenue will exceed projected expenses in 2005.  A suggested 2006 budget requires no increase in dues.  (Copies available upon request.)  Maynard also reported that Tom McCutchan just completed updating a 2001 Reserve Study of common area asset costs and useful life.  The $53,000 currently in our SMHA reserve account appears adequate for our normal asset replacement schedule.  Homeowner assessment is unlikely in 2006, barring some unforeseen occurrence.  A review of insurance found fire coverage adequate for common area structures and $4M in liability coverage.  (Research by Gordon Wood has discovered that your homeowner's policy may provide additional coverage for your 1/90th share of common area liability not otherwise covered.)  Management of the Mesa Crest Water Company reveals that sale of the company has fallen through and needed upgrades to their water system may cause another rate increase next year.

Muriel Horacek requested that homeowners inform her if they change their email address.   Also, concerning the pool gates: if left to slam shut, they lock automatically, but they are frequently found not tightly closed.  It is a legal and liability risk to have unlocked gates around a pool, and therefore it is urged that anyone passing by that area  makes sure the gates are slammed shut and locked.

Tina Blum, Maintenance Chairperson, discussed various maintenance issues. In addition, the Board discussed capitol improvement projects that are out for bid which include replastering the pool, replacing the pool pump and filter and
miscellaneous deck repairs. The winning bid will be approved by the 2006
board and it is anticipated work will commence in early 2006.

The Mesa Christmas Party, where a homeowner offers their house but everyone brings food to share, has been a tradition.  If you would like to host the party this year, please call Muriel Horacek (790-7950) or reply to this email.  Thank you! 

A warning:  this morning a Mesa resident reported that her cat was killed by a coyote in their garden last night, and that the coyote returned again this morning.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary