1. To deter coyotes, mountain lions and bobcats from your garden, please do not leave pet food outside.

2. For those who may have read about the new rules for community pools to prevent children's arms being sucked into a pool drainage outlet, you may be assured that we are in full compliance, thanks to Joe Bergen's recommendation for improvements last year.


Here is Joe's report:

The Mesa pool had the pool drain covers changed and we installed a new pump which has an SVRS system incorporated in the pump. In practical operation, all the drain covers (including the ones on the sidewalls for the skimmers) are unblockable, meaning a child cannot block the entire cover thus becoming entrapped by the force of suction. But if the drain covers were to fail and someone did become trapped to a drain cover, the increase in suction (the same thing that happens when you partially cover a vacuum hose) would cause the SVRS to turn off the pump thus ending the suction. A beeping alarm would also come from the pump.


3. Send in your nomination form, and be part of the Mesa elite who have contributed to the safety and beauty of our neighborhood!


Muriel Horacek, Secretary