The ballots to elect the Starlight Mesa 2008 Board of Directors have been mailed out, so if you haven't received one, please let me know.  The instructions are mandated by state law, so read them carefully.  Please mail in the ballot  even though you plan to attend the annual meeting on Tuesday, November 13 at La Canada Country Club.
Light refreshments will be served starting at 6:30 PM.  The envelopes will not be opened until the evening of the meeting, but we have to know if a quorum has voted.  If not, we will personally have to go to your home to get your ballot. 
Even though we didn't have enough candidates to give you a choice, here are the bios of your neighbors who are willing to serve you during 2008. 

Joe Bergen, wife Ann and two children, Megan and Amelia, moved to the Mesa in 2001.  They chose La Canada for the small town feel and the schools, and feel that the Mesa neighborhood is exactly that, a neighborhood.  Their girls particularly enjoy the pool in the summer.  Having the experience of renovating three houses, he has contributed to the Board by tackling the on-going issues of repairs and upkeep of our common areas.  In his professional life, he is a film editor.  He is currently on the 2007 Starlight Mesa Board in the Maintenance function.

Tom Cwik, wife Diane and 3 children have lived on the Mesa since 2006.  They immediately adapted to the friendly neighborhood feel and especially enjoy the pool.  It's clear the Mesa is a special place to live.  Tom was raised in Chicago, has lived abroad in Norway and moved to California in 1988. Besides keeping track of the 3 children, Tom likes to play tennis, ski and run.  For his day job, Tom is an engineer at JPL.

Christian Jagenberg was born and raised in Germany.  He moved to the US in 1985.   After college and graduate school, he joined Commerzbank AG's  (Germany's 2nd  largest bank) New York Branch in 1988.  Since 1994, he has been Senior Vice President and Manager of Commerzbank AG, Los Angeles Branch.  He and his wife Sonya have two daughters, Isabella (5) and Linnea (3).   They have lived on Diamond Point Road since moving to L.A. in 1994.  He is currently on the 2007 Starlight Mesa Board as Treasurer.

Joseph Varraveto and his wife Melissa and three children moved to the Mesa in 2000 and have a busy life with their careers and children's activities.

Tanya Zimmerman  and her daughter, Pearl moved to the Mesa in 2005.  Pearl is a sophomore at La Canada High School.  Tanya is General Manager of Sterpa Real Estate Management in Glendale, whose founder was instrumental in the passing of Prop.5 the First-Time Homebuyer Bill that assists young people in affording their first home.  Tanya received her formal education both in Paris, France and in the USA and currently helps keep the national economy on track through her activities as a prodigious mall shopper.


I was pleased to see so many (nine?) of our Mesa children in the photos on the School pages of this week's "Outlook".   'Way to go!


I told some of you that I would be running for the Board again, but trips to visit my scattered family next year changed my mind.  I will be happy to assist the new Board however I can.

Muriel Horacek, Newsletter Editor