At the January meeting of the Starlight Mesa Board, the duties were divided as follows:
President            Hank Smither,    790-1423 
Treasurer            Bill Imbriale,         952-0182
Maintenance       Mike Durfee,    952-2053
Maintenance       Jodi Kendall,    790-7721 
Secretary            Muriel Horacek     790-7950
It was decided that a new directory was not necessary since only three new families have moved into the Mesa since December '04.  Therefore please note these additions to your green 2005 Telephone Directory:
Kim, Myung Suk Lee - Lot #40, 241 Starlane Drive   790-3699
Lee, Deuk - Lot #89,   5209 Diamond Point Rd    952-4087
Zimmerman, Tanya - Lot #84,  5208 Diamond Point Rd  790-2581
Since this was the first meeting that the two new Board members in charge of Maintenance attended, various maintenance problems were presented and discussed, but no decisions have been made. 
After a comparison with other homeowner's associations, the Board approved SMG's request for an increase in the monthly fee that Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association pays them to manage our finances, from $200 to $250 per month. 
The problem with the pool gates was discussed and it was decided to have them repaired since they don't always lock properly.
Muriel Horacek, Secretary