Thus far there have been four private parties using the pool area, and several more have been booked.  Since there cannot be more than one private party on the same day, please book early.  On the application form, I neglected to state that hosts must bring plastic garbage bags and carry out all your garbage.  The garbage cans in that area are only emptied once a week, and they must be for residents' use only; otherwise it gets too full.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please care for our common areas as you would your own patio and garden, as they are your property.  Please do not leave cigarette butts on the pool patio.  The lifesaver ring and pole were found in the pool twice.   I have been substituting for Tina Blum, who is out of town, and this week I've cleaned up after dogs on the grass near the pool and also on the playground on the corner of Starlight Crest and Starlight Mesa.  I've picked up candy and ice cream wrappers near the pool and tennis courts.  Half-eaten pizzas and soda bottles were on the playground, and other bottles were thrown over the fence onto JPL property.   If you see non-residents using our common areas, please let us know.

Since it is forbidden to eat food inside the fenced-in area of the pool, the Board has authorized the purchase of a picnic table to be placed on the grass.

A garbage can has been placed outside the fence, and also in the playground on Starlight Crest Drive.

A REMINDER:  Please lock the pool gates when you leave.  This is a safety concern, since young children could enter the pool area without supervision.

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The Board thanks Porter Williams for volunteering time and assistance with several projects.

The Board approved a bid from Jose of $26,675 for brush clearance all around the Mesa, removing dirt from culverts, and repairing culverts and fences.  The scope of this work has been approved by an official from the Agriculture Dept., and is necessary after the torrential rains.

The next meeting of the Mesa Board will be at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, July 12 at the home of Muriel Horacek, 185 Starlight Crest Drive.  All homeowners are always welcome.


Hank Smither, President                                          790-1423
Maynard Morris, Treasurer                                      790-5502
Muriel Horacek, Secretary & Newsletter Editor    790-7950
Tina Blum, Maintenance                                          952-0641
Mark Goddard, Maintenance Assistant                 790-7696