(Corrected) Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

February 8, 2005




          2005 Board Members:

                    Tina Blum

                    Craig Coleman

                    Muriel Horacek

                    Maynard Morris

                    Henry Smither


          Other:  Jose Toribio


1.  Since Jose was leaving early the next morning to visit his ailing father in Mexico, we discussed garden problems first.

    A.  Regarding the mudslides behind (unoccupied) lot #93, which took out the sprinkler system

          --Jose presented estimate of $4280 to remove mud from drainage culvert, to prevent further slippage in affected area.  This does not include repairing culvert or installing wire or chain fencing.

          --Tina suggested using wire netting

    B.  Steep mud slides behind lot #35 were also noted.  It was suggested that it should be determined if his property is draining towards the back or front.

    C.  Since the mud slide behind Lot #19 was on JPL property, Bill Gilmore contacted them to repair it.

    D.  Jose suggested that we notify residents that if they want rye grass seed added to their front lawns they should ask him, and he’ll give them a low price.  This is best done in November.

    E.  The new maintenance contract was signed by Jose and Tina Blum.


2.  The minutes from the January 4, 2005 Board meeting were approved.


3.  The Treasurer reported that he signed several checks sent to him by SMG.


4.  Maintenance

    A.  The pool contract with La Cañada Pool was formerly $150/month for the twice-weekly cleaning.  The new contract asks for $250/month, as the company says that they have not received a raise in six years.

          --It was decided that Maynard should ask SMG for recommendations on
            getting an estimate from another pool company

    B.  Repairs for necessary new pool equipment were approved as submitted by La Cañada Pool:  2” flowmeter, $65; 2 gauges @ $15; labor to install, $85, for a total of $180 plus taxes.   The company also indicated that new filters will soon be needed and would cost $850 each including installation.  That item was not yet approved as there is no emergency.

    C.  Craig called the police and took photos when he found graffiti in the men’s bathroom.  The police said that they were by a known gang.  Craig will paint over it.

    D.  Tina recommended that the pool house be painted.  Since inspection determined that there were no termites present, Maynard indicated that there was only dry rot, and that wood sealer and/or paint would make it last longer.


5.  The sidewalk in front of  221 Mariner’s View (Lot #26) is often wet and slippery, probably due to over-watering.  Hank will ask a Korean resident to speak to the Kim family as they don’t speak English.


6.  Valve #14 should be inspected, and an estimate obtained to fix it.  Other code work should also be done.


7.  We have a one year contract with BFI, currently for $330/month + tax, to empty the trash at the gardener’s shed.  Maynard will obtain a quote from Solid Waste Recycling & Disposal Service, and discuss contract renewal terms with BFI, along with the fact that their current container is rusted on the bottom.   Renewal of this contract will be decided at the next Board meeting.


8.  The non-working gas lamps on the green and elsewhere were discussed.  Tina will get an estimate to remove them, after which the Board will decide if it’s worth removing them or just leaving them as is.


9.  It was reported that the motion detector lights at the pool were working OK.


10.  Maynard volunteered to be on the committee to discuss the sale of Mesa Crest Water Company.


11.  It was decided not to do anything about improving the Mesa sign on the entrance wall west of Lot #50 (254 Starlight Crest Drive) since it may not be on Mesa property.


12.  The next meeting of the Board will be held at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, March 8th at the home of Muriel Horacek, 185 Starlight Crest Drive.


Respectfully submitted,




Muriel Horacek, Secretary

2/21/05 ,  Corrected 3/8/05