Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

January 4, 2005



          2004 Board Members:


          2005 Board Members:


                   Tina Blum

                   Craig Coleman

                   Muriel Horacek

                   Maynard Morris

                   Henry Smither


           Other:  Steve Gutierrez, SMG Management


1.  Minutes of the previous Board Meeting of December 14, 2004 were reviewed and approved with corrections.


2.  New officers were elected as follows:


          President:              Hank Smither

          Treasurer:              Maynard Morris

          Secretary:              Muriel Horacek     

          Maintenance:         Tina Blum

                                        Craig Coleman


3.  Gordon Wood turned over his files to the new president.  He also volunteered to continue pool oversight in 2005, which was gratefully accepted by Hank Smither.


4.  Daniel Wu turned over his records to the new treasurer.   He noted that the insurance policies are renewed automatically.


5.  Steve Gutierrez obtained signatures from the Board members who would be authorized to sign checks.  He also recommended that a termite inspection be made of the Pool House, and he can recommend one at no cost.


6.  It was agreed to invite Jose Toribio to the next Board of Governors’ meeting at which the new maintenance contract will be signed.  This will give the Board a chance to become better acquainted with him, and he with them.   They can also discuss brush clearance with him, which is not included in the regular contract since it varies according to weather and new fire department rulings.  It was noted that the latest rulings require brush clearance of 200 ft. from a structure.


7.  There was a discussion as to whether the contract with BFI should continue for trash pick-up from the Gardeners’ shed or if a quote should be obtained from Waste Management.  A decision will be made at the next meeting.


8.  Tina Blum suggested that new pipes and a gauge be installed at the pool, but it is not necessary for a few months.


9.  It was agreed that the secretary shall contact Board members by phone or email a few days before each meeting to assure attendance.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8 at 7:30 at the home of Hank Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive.


10.  Email addresses were exchanged and we were encouraged to use them in contacting each other:

          Hank Smither                  hsmither@coldwellbanker.com

          Maynard Morris              mrmorris@attglobal.net

          Muriel Horacek               murhoracek@aol.com

          Craig Coleman                cscoleman@sbcglobal.net

          (Tina Blum has no email address)


Respectfully submitted,




Muriel Horacek, Secretary