Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Annual Meeting

6:30 PM, November 15,  2006

At the La Canada Country Club


Thirty-five Mesa residents representing 27 families enjoyed fruit, sandwiches and coffee before the meeting started.


Board President Hank Smither opened the meeting at 7:15 PM by introducing ’06 Board members Jodie Kendall and Muriel Horacek.  Bill Imbriale was on a business trip and Michael Durfee arrived later. He then introduced the candidates for the ’07 Board: Joe Bergen, Charles Berryman, Debra Grubb, Muriel Horacek, Dayton Jones and Warren Lee.  Christian Jagenberg was on a business trip.  Julie and Steve Gutierrez from SMG were also introduced as they, and Mesa resident Maynard Morris, proceeded to count the ballots.


Hank gave thanks to Gordon Wood for his constant help on regulating pool lights and heating, and to Glenn Cunningham for his maintenance of the Starlight Mesa website.


In the Treasurer’s absence, Hank called attention to the budget statements and Reserve Study which residents recently received in the mail or handed out at this meeting.  He pointed out that we are ending the year with a $4,000 deficit, which is partially offset by monies allocated for the Reserve Fund.  However the dues increase of $50 per quarter effective January 1, 2007 will correct the deficits in 2007.


Secretary Muriel Horacek reported that all except three Mesa residents can receive the Mesa newsletters by email.  She also stated that there have been no after-hour pool use or problems in the past several months.


Maintenance Board member Jodie Kendall stated that the pool resurfacing and replacement of filters went well last spring, security lights were installed, deck chair webbing replaced and new umbrellas purchased. 


The meeting was then open for questions.  Hank assured residents that letting SMG play a larger role in maintenance would not change the Board’s authority for approving actions.  Other topics discussed were the continued cutting back of watering slopes that not only result in higher water bills but also higher brush clearance costs; using native plants that require less water; poolhouse repairs or replacement; upgrading landscaping at the Mesa entrance, entrances to the putting green and the pool, and along the JPL fence on Starlight Mesa Lane.


Sixty-two ballots were received and the ’07 Board was announced: Joe Bergen, Charles Berryman,   Muriel Horacek, Christian Jagenberg and Dayton Jones. 


Muriel Horacek, Secretary