Minutes of 2013 Annual Board Meeting

Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 10:00am

@ the SMHOA Pool


·         Present: Glenn Cunningham, Karen Levin, Chari Gilmore, and Trang Tran

·         Cardinal Management’s Adrian Oesterreich was in attendance to oversee the 2014 Board election ballot count.

·         The Board Treasurer was unable to attend.


·         SMHOA President Trang Tran welcomed the ~15 residents in attendance and acknowledged the 2013 Board.  She talked about the wonderful community of the SMHOA neighborhood and the low monthly dues we all enjoy thanks in part to residents who volunteer to serve on the board.  Without such volunteers to oversee the upkeep and development of the neighborhood’s common areas, residents would see a significant increase in dues in order to pay an outside management company to render such services.


·         Secretary Chari Gilmore recognized changes to the residents in the Mesa in 2013. 


·         The passing of residents Carol Imbriale and Gene Christiansen were acknowledged, as well as that of former resident Pat Potter.

·         New families who joined the neighborhood were highlighted:

§  George Hernandez and Sheryl Lange

§  Iu-Choi Chan and Xia Chen

§  Gregory Goeckner and Shirley Schumacher

§  Grace and Jong Kim

§  Jeannie and Dongwon Lee


·         In the Treasurer’s absence, Trang provided highlights about the Mesa Finances including.

·         No increase in 2014 dues.

·         Review of the majority of expenses in 2013, which went maintenance of the common areas and front yards.

·         There were no major capital expenses incurred for common area improvements in 2013.

·         The contract for Toribio’s Landscaping will be revised to include annual increases based on cost of living and a performance incentive.  The Board will lay out specifics to measure the crew’s performance.


·         Karen presented five options for revitalizing the gazebo area adjacent to the basketball court.  The Board determined that there was not sufficient time to render a decision and make the changes due to the holidays.  It was decided the 2014 Board should be the one to make the decision as they will be the ones to execute it.  Karen encouraged the residents to give their input.


·         Questions/Comments from the residents

·         Muriel encouraged everyone to walk around the neighborhood to help the Board take notice of needed maintenance issues.

·         Tina Blum asked for help in setting up automatic bill pay for her dues.  Adrian agreed to help.

·         Shirley Schumacher thanked the 2013 Board for their service.


·         Adrian Oesterreich from Cardinal Management announced the results of the 2014 Board election.  Fifty ballots were submitted and the proposed slate of five members was voted in.  Below are the members of the 2014 Board:

·         John Andraos

·         Alex Benderskii

·         Gregory Goeckner

·         Karen Levin

·         Derrick Pan


·         Mesa business that occurred between the October and November Board meetings

·         The Board met in an executive session on November 7.  Under the guidance of outside counsel, the Board reviewed the Bergen’s Land Usage and Maintenance Agreement proposal and declined to accept it.  The Board then voted to grant an Exclusive Maintenance License to the Bergens to maintain a small portion of common area land located between the path to the pool and their backyard fence.  A letter notifying the Bergens of these decisions was sent on November 8.



Chari Gilmore

SMHOA, Secretary