November 18, 2009

Starlight Mesa Board President Scott Swanson welcomed residents and expressed appreciation for the 2009 Board members, with special thanks to Tom Cwik, who will be leaving the Board after two years of service.  Tom was in charge of our great BBQ in September.  Joe Bergen was commended for the never-ending work he does in overseeing Mesa maintenance, and Muriel Horacek for the Mesa Newsletter. 
Thanks was also given to Glenn Cunningham who maintains our website,
Scott announced that the poolhouse renovation will start in mid-December, now that almost all of the assessment fees have been collected.
Joe Bergen gave a detailed report on maintenance during the past year.  This report may be found at
The Starlight Mesa Board for 2010 will be:
Joe Bergen                818 952-0647
Muriel Horacek          818 790-7950
John Kim                    818 952-5514
Steven Low                818 952-6079
Scott Swanson          818 952-0652
The duties of each will be determined at the next Board meeting on December 12th.
Muriel Horacek, Secretary