Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

September 4, 2018

203 Starlight Crest Dr




1. Attendees

a. Board: Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Cynthia Smither, Albert Chang

b. Guests: Jose Toribio, Jared Herzikoff-Cornell, Hanjoo Kim


2. Maintenance

a. Playground - still waiting for equipment to arrive, targeting to begin by mid



b. Pool Project

i. A homeowner has indicated interest in being the project manager (PM)

ii. Will discuss scope of PM at next board meeting

1. Revalidate bids - October/November 2018

2. Make recommendation on vendor to board for approval -

December 2018

3. Assistance with special assessment information for community -

January 2019

4. Secure contract with vendor - April 2019

5. Overseeing actual construction - May 2019

c. Pool Gate

i. MS identified vendor to fix one of the gates that had been wobbly by

attaching a secondary support. Board will move forward with the fix.


3. Renovation Requests

a. 234 Mariners View: Request by Jared to remove a tree obstructing their view in

their back yard at homeowners expense. Approved.


4. Finances

a. Treasurers report -

i. $46k in operating

ii. $106k in reserves (second half of playground equipment costs will come

out of reserves budget when project is complete)


b. Reserve study - submitted to reserve study company last week.


5. Facebook Page - will add some liability disclaimer language to Facebook page before it

goes live


6. Annual Picnic Planning - 10/7/18

a. Kona Ice truck - AC scheduled

b. Los Gringos - CS scheduled for 4-7pm, dinner at 5pm

c. Bounce house - DM will schedule

d. Potluck dessert - optional, no glassware


7. Next Meeting

a. October 2nd, 7:45pm, 208 Mariners View Street


8. Next Newsletter

a. Facebook

b. Invites for Picnic