Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


SP House

9-28-15, 7:30


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), John Andraos (JA), Sylvia Paz (SP)

Not present – Alex Benderskii (AB), Derrick Pan (DP)

Also present – Joe Stitick (JS), Nikki Mojarradi (NM), Tanya Paz (TP)


Annual picnic recap:


GG commented that the annual picnic went smoothly and those who attended seemed to enjoy the event.  However, the very hot weather in late August limited attendance and made the event less enjoyable for those who did attend.  He suggested changing the date of the annual picnic.  JA suggested that the picnic should be in April or May.


Renovation requests


Stitick Fencing:  JS advised that they planned to replace the fences between their property and the two adjoining houses - Linda Fults on the west and 208 Mariners View on the east (that house is being sold).  On the west side, the fence will 5’ and on the east side the fence will be 6’ tall.  The proposed fence material is “dogwood” style and “wicker” color, with a finished top.  These will replace existing fences in the same locations.  Linda Fults has approved the plan.  He will consult with the new owner of 208 Mariners View when the house is sold.  The Board unanimously approved the proposal.


Stitick renovations:  JS also advised that they plan to remodel their house by adding a room on the back, which will increase the size of the house by ~1200 sq. ft.  They will also renovate the interior.  The addition should not be visible from the street or from other neighborhood homes as it is at the back of the existing house.  They will also add a high window on the side near the Fults property.  The addition will continue the same elevations and roof line as the existing house.   The addition does not encroach on the slope or the common maintenance area.  The Board unanimously approved the proposal.


Grace Kim pergola:  The Board reviewed a written proposal to add a pergola at 300 Starlane.  Based on the location of this lot, the pergola should be visible from the street.  The Board unanimously approved the proposal.


Maintenance Report:


Putting green park: NM asked about repair of the fence along the path into this park.  SP will ask Jose Toribio for an estimate.


Gazebo renovation project:  JA reported that the project was substantially complete.  JA will inspect the work and send pictures.  SP asked whether the top needed to be soldered – based on inquiries from other residents.  SP also commented that the Board should now buy tables and chairs for the gazebo.


Pool renovation project:  JA noted that the Board began looking at the pool because of the need to replace the pipes.  He had obtained 3 bids for work on the pool, in the range of $70k-110k.  He believes that we should do a high quality renewal of the pool.  He has asked a contractor to prepare drawings of potential renovations.  He would like to add a recreation area and a BBQ to the pool.  TP showed pictures she had collected of possible ideas for the pool area.  The pool house could be connected to the tennis area to form an overall recreation area.  JA advised that the contractor did not propose tearing down the pool house but rather would build new amenities around it.  SP said that the Board should get two or three quotes for a project of this type.  TP commented that most of the cost would be related to replacing the pool piping, etc.  JA agreed that other elements of the plan are relatively minor from a cost perspective.  SP suggested adding a wading pool area.  GG commented that there are many design choices to make.  TP noted that contractors generally are very busy so it is good to have someone who is available now.  GG suggested that the Board go to the community with an overall plan and explain the rationale for the changes.  SP said that rebuilding the pool is not an option; the question is what other things we can do.  JA will ask the contractor to come to the next Board meeting to review the drawings.  GG suggested that the HOA should pay the contractor for those drawings so that we are not obligated to use him for the construction work.


Lot 93:  GG reported that he, SP and Jose Toribio had met with Mark Lai, a geological engineer, to review potential erosion issues on Lot 93.  Mr. Lai said that the hiking/horse trail maintained by the city and county should be re-graded.  SP will contact the city to request a meeting.  Mr. Lai was also very concerned about the slope behind the Cho house on their lot.  GG will contact David Cho.  He noted that the Rupert Lane neighbors had not been in contact recently about their concerns, which was inconsistent with their earlier concerns.  The Board also should get a quote from Jose to add native planting on the slope of Lot 93.  We should defer hydroseeding for now as it did not seem to be a long term solution.  Additional chain link fencing also was not recommended.


Rekey pool and tennis court locks:  SP will get it done; the cost will be $300.  The Board unanimously approved this project.  More complex changes to the lock and fence system were deferred to the pool project.


Putting green park:  SP reported that the diseased tree in the putting green park was now dead; she will get a quote from Jose to remove it.


Mesa Sign:  JA wants to renovate the community sign; this project will be added to a future agenda.  TP will come up with a design.


Pool:  SP reported that the pool floating filters were missing; she and AB will try to locate them.


Other Business:


Community Safety:  NM reported on the upcoming community meeting about fraud prevention.  She also noted two suspicious occurrences in the community that week. JA asked about hiring a security guard. GG reported that guard service would cost ~$20/hour; over a year it would cost ~$40k for guard service 8 hrs./day.  JA suggested also looking into an on-demand patrol service.  NM commented that cameras are not as effective.


Treasurer’s Report:


DP was unable to attend but provided the following written report:  1) Operating cash balance is ~$18K.  The bank balance as of 8/31/15 was ~$28K, less approximately $10K in outstanding checks.  2) Operating cash is forecast to be sufficient for the rest of the year, assuming no negative surprises.  The largest anticipated expenses will be i) remaining payment for the gazebo - $3,500 and ii) remaining payment for the CC&R update - $3,500 + overages.  3) Reserve account continues to build – as of 8/31/15 the balance was $57,604, close to our target of $63K.  (The Board should consider performing a reserve study in 2016.)  4) Delinquency summary – only two households worth noting: i) DP has sent an email to this family; and, ii) the household that is in foreclosure. DP will work on the 2016 annual budget for review before the next meeting.


Preparation for annual meeting


GG noted that Cardinal had sent out the Board nomination forms.


Next meeting

            October 19