Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

9-27-17, 7:30 p.m.

CS House


Present – Cynthia Smither (CS), Devon Myers (DM), Albert Chang (AC), Janet Edberg (JE), Greg Goeckner (GG)

Also – Jose Toribio (JT), Silvia Paz (SP)


Election of new Board member:


SP advised that escrow had closed on the sale of her house, so she could no longer serve as a member of the Board.  AC advised that DM had volunteered to serve for the remainder of the current term.  The remaining current Board members approved the appointment of DM to the vacant position on the Board.




Increased maintenance support from Jose Toribio:  SP reported that the agreement with Jose Toribio had been amended so that JT will take maintenance requests directly from homeowners and will attend Board meetings to report on maintenance issues and get approval for projects.


General: JT reported that a beehive was found on the hillside near the path to the swimming pool.  GG suggested contacting Western Exterminators to look at removing the hive.  JT reported that Tina Blum has a dead tree on the hillside near her home; he will provide a quote to have it removed.  The palm trees near the pool also need to be trimmed; he will also give the Board a quote for this work.  We need paper towels for the pool house bathrooms – JT will get these supplies from Costco.  Finally, JT will buy the chemicals needed for brush clearance.




Reserving the tennis court:  GG noted that he had been asked if a member of the community could reserve the tennis court at a regular time for tennis lessons.  No similar requests have been made in recent years and he was not sure of the community policy on this.  CS noted that the tennis court was usually available on a first-come basis, but that it isn’t used as much as in the past.  Reserving the tennis court would be less disruptive on weekdays. JE recalled that lessons at the tennis court had been problematic in the past.  AC suggested that the Board approve these reservations conditionally and see if we have complaints.  CS agreed.  SP noted that a regular group uses the tennis court on Saturday mornings, but that it is not used much at other times. 


Playground project:  SP noted that someone needs to take over coordination of the playground renovations as Derrick Pan reported that he no longer has enough time to complete that project.  DM volunteered to take over this role.


General:  JE asked if the pool lights should be replaced with LEDs?  CS suggested finding out how involved this would be and the cost.


Treasurer’s report:


AC reported that the operating account had ~$23k and the reserve account ~$87k at the end of August.  We are on track with the budget, in fact spending is about $10k under budget.  Delinquencies are limited, other than the one house that never pays its dues.  A reserve study is supposed to be completed every 3 years and is due this year; the cost will be $1100 this year.  The Board approved proceeding with the reserve study.  AC reviewed a draft of the 2018 HOA Budget.  SP asked whether dues should be raised again this year, as they were raised last year.  GG advised that the big unknown issue is potential legal.  AC noted that the Board should also consider how much it is able to contribute to the reserve account every month. 


JPL Boundary Survey Results:


GG reported that he had spoken to the Bureau of Land Management representative about the results of the BLM survey of the JPL boundary.  Prior surveys had returned inconsistent results.  BLM had discovered a mistake was made in surveying a tract north of Starlight Mesa, which affected the surveying of our tract.  As a result, the southern boundary of Starlight Mesa does not meet the northern boundary of JPL, although it was intended that these boundaries would meet.  BLM is preparing a full written report which they will provide to the HOA and they will come to a meeting of homeowners to explain it.


Final planning for October 1 picnic:


            The Board discussed final plans for the annual picnic at the pool.


Plans for annual November 12 meeting:


The Board discussed plans for the annual meeting, to be held November 12 at the pool. Peter Ryan at Cardinal will circulate written materials.  The deadline for Board nominations is September 30.