Minutes of September 26, 2013 Board Meeting,

7:30 p.m. at the home of Glenn Cunningham


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore & Trang Tran

Guests:  Gregory Goeckner & Shirley Schumacher (new owners 172 Starlight Crest Dr); Lisa Henderson (architect) and Seth Kornreich (designer)


·         The new owners of 172 Starlight Crest Drive (Gregory Goeckner & Shirley Schumacher) their architect Lisa Henderson and designer Seth Kornreich presented proposed structural and cosmetic renovations to the exterior of their new home.  The Board reviewed plans and designs, and approved renovations as presented.


·         Annual Meeting:  Saturday, November 9 at 10:00 am at the Pool.

·         All nominations for 2014 Board members need to be received by October 3

·         Departmental reports will prepared for presentation at the meeting including:

·         maintenance highlights from 2013

·         2012 audit report

·         Overview of 2013 finances

·         2014 budget

·         Reserve Study


·         Annual End-of-Summer Party

·         Chari will create a single document outlining all party expenses for reference by future Boards.


·         Finance Report

·         2011 Audit.  The Board requested that the treasurer follow up with Cardinal as to why the report has not been distributed to the residents

·         2012 Audit.  Asked the Treasure to ensure the 2012 Audit is completed in time to present at the Annual meeting on November 9.

·         Board voted to have Reserve Studies Inc. conduct a Reserve Study to the requirements of California Civil Code 1365

·         In regards to a resident in arrears, the Board voted to cash the partial check received and to bill the resident for all owed back dues and late fees. 


·         Maintenance in September

·         Continued work to develop a master schedule for water frequency and durations in all zones by season

·         Fall lawn fertilizing completed

·         Squirrel situation (digging in unwanted areas) will continue to be monitored

·         Cut down dying Palm Tree on west of pool

·         Power washed the pool decks before the party

·         Applied herbicide on Bermuda grass in Putting Green

·         Replaced damaged sign on entrance to tennis court

·         Swimming pool issues

·         Installed mandated signage

·         Accommodated Health Department inspector on inspection tour

·         Open issues: replace depth marker tiles in deep end; 2” high lettered sign with pool address and USC Verdugo Hill Hospital address; additional flow meter required

·         Plans for October

·         Install a hand washing faucet adjacent to the tennis court drink fountain (task carried over from previous months)

·         maintenance of the swales below Mariners View prior to the rainy season; cleaning by Jose and filling of cracks

·         Reduce watering frequency as average temperature drops


·         In regards to the Bergen’s request for an agreement concerning land usage, the Board voted to secure a survey of the north side of the Bergen property and the remainder of the pool path to the pool.  They will then ask outside counsel to propose a course of action the Board should exercise in the best interest of the 90 homeowners and the Board’s fiduciary responsibility.


·         Next Meeting:  October meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 22 at 7:45 at the home of Glenn Cunningham.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary