Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

9-23-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Board Members Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EC), Glenn Cunningham (GC),

Also, for a short period – Michelle Kim (MK)



The minutes of the 8-20-20 meeting were approved.




1.      Michelle Kim (MK) verbally requested approval for replacing the rough surfaced stucco on the front walls of her home at 324 Starlane Drive (Lot 7) with smooth stucco and removing the iron lattice work from the front of the home.  Approved.  A request for approval of the installation of solar panels will be provided in the near future.


2.      Chang Fence and Landscaping Proposal – Mesa sprinklers at the back of the lot have been relocated and planting of the area is about to commence.  The Maintenance Covenant is ready for their signature.  FE will conduct a site visit.


3.      Choi relocated fence status (225 Mariners View, Lot 27):  only a couple of panels of their new fence have been installed after two months, and it appears that no changes have yet been made to the Association’s sprinkler system that must be relocated.  The Maintenance Covenant has been provided for their signature, but no response has been received.  The issue has been referred to Counsel.


Pool Issues


1.      Nathan Fan, chairman of the pool committee reports:  The pool Covid-19 guidelines were updated late last month to comply with the most recent changes to the Los Angeles County of Public Health Department's releases. Updated signs were posted throughout the pool area.  In addition, maximum capacity language was added to the general pool sign in order to comply with the County requirements.  Members of the pool committee have not identified any significant issues with residents not complying with the Mesa’s Covid-19 guidelines. Two residents have noted and informed the committee that the water temperature was abnormally cold.  Blue Water was notified, and they should be checking the pump and heater this week.  Jason Pardo has the necessary items to fix the woman's bathroom door - he expects to complete that job in the near future

2.      FE will obtain information on alternate pool servicing companies from Cardinal Management. (Action item 20-031)

3.      EC will laminate the Covid-19 rules and the County’s Pool Operation License for posting in the pool area. (Action item 20-032)

4.      The Board will investigate obtaining instructions for emergency operation of the pool equipment if the pool service contractor is not immediately available. (Action item 20-033)


Maintenance and Security Issues


1.      The consensus of the pool committee is that trespassing of the pool area continues but at the same infrequent and manageable rate.  With respect to the basketball court, the team practices previously identified have stopped or has not been observed. 

2.      The motion sensing lighting at the basketball court was discussed.  Since it provides a night-time safety feature, it was decided that it should be put back into operation.

3.      There are at least two broken umbrellas around the pool.  EC will investigate if repair would be satisfactory for the remaining season, otherwise they will be removed.  They will be replaced for next year. (Action item 20-034)

4.      Since it is late in the season, it was decided that security patrols would not be engaged, and that additional fencing of the recreational area would be a more cost-effective security measure for the future.  In that regard, GC discussed the proposal received from Western Fence for securing the entire recreational area.  There was discussion about how this would significantly impact the openness of the area giving it a “school-yard” appearance not appropriate for a residential community.  Alternatively, consideration of just increasing the fence height around the pool, improving the gate closing and latching systems, and installing a new fence around the basketball court was discussed.  Project could be done in stages, with higher fencing and improved gates around the pool done first.  No plan was established.  Discussion will continue.

5.      There is a disconnect between the number of trash bins provided by the Association for landscaping maintenance debris and the number of pickups per week by the trash hauling company.  FE will work with Toribio to establish the proper collection scheme. (related to Action item 20-027)

6.      GC provided an open maintenance task list; EC will install it on an accessible electronic medium; the list will be provided to Cardinal.

7.      It has been noted that some residents’ front lawns are not being watered well and are distracting from the overall “well-groomed” look of the community.  A note to remind residents to water their front lawns will be included in the next Newsletter.


Board’s Operation of the Mesa


Continuing discussion of the Board’s operation practices of the Mesa was prompted by GC.  With only three members, it is very difficult to provide management in the mode of past Boards, and the waning interest of residents in participating in the operation of the Mesa is driving consideration toward a more full service and full time style of contracted property management.  The Board observes that the Mesa lacks “on-site” observation and management of its assets and contractors.  Cardinal Management will be asked about extending its support  (Action item 20-035).  Alternative management companies may be considered.


Financial Status


The financial reports for July and August were reviewed, and performance is per-plan (on budget).  It was noted that the audit for 2019 had not yet been received.  FE will inquire with the auditor (Action item 20-036).


Annual Meeting


Saturday, December 5 at 2 pm was set as the date for the 2020 Annual Meeting for planning purposes.  FE will interact with Cardinal for preparation of the supporting materials for the meeting (Action 20-037).   An appeal for Board member candidates will be made in the forthcoming Newsletter, on the website and on the Mesa Neighbors Facebook page (Action item 20-038).  It will be a virtual meeting.  FE will interact with Cardinal Management on the preparation of 2021 budget (Action item 20-037).


Other items


FC needs to write an agreement with Ethan Hsu regarding his Little Library project (Action Item 20-015)


The Board reviewed, in Executive Session, Jose Toribio’s contract to provide landscaping services Mesa.  FE to review current contract provisions with Toribio and update his current contract, as necessary. (Action Item 20-027)


The Board’s action item list was reviewed.


Next Meeting


Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm via video conference.