Minutes of September 20, 2011 Board Meeting,

7:30 PM at the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:  Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, Trang Tran, Debra Grubb, Tina Blum, Chari Gilmore

Chari Gilmore presented photos along with a request to erect a chain link fence behind her home at 5207 Starlight Mesa Lane.  It was decided that Board members would visit the property before rendering a decision.

It was noted that by email on September 8 the Board approved the request to replace the wood deck at the Kim residence at 207 Mariners View.

Minutes of the August 23rd Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – With regard to delinquencies, the Board asked Debra to obtain a complete report as to correspondence and actions taken, and then arrange a meeting with Cardinal.

The nomination form submitted by Cardinal was approved, and Muriel will authorize them to mail them to all Mesa residents. 

It was reported that the Mesa BBQ on September 10 had expenses of $1666.79.  Income from the 91 attendees (60 adults, 28 children, 3 toddlers) was $1174.  The shortfall of $492.79 will be charged to the Mesa budget.  The Board is grateful for donations by Deuk Lee of 3 cases of beer; Trang of 6 dozen cookies, 3 dozen cupcakes and 3 packs of ice; and by Tina of 3 tubs of ice cream and 4 packs of ice.

The Board approved a two-year extension of our Maintenance Contract with Jose Toribio. There will be no change in compensation for 2012 which would be the third year with no change.  In 2013 Toribios Landscaping would receive a $300 per month increase.  The board felt a 4.5% increase after three years was reasonable.

Tina submitted bids of $1400 and $3285 for painting the fence around the pool, but will get more bids for the Board to consider.

The board reaffirmed a previous decision to renovate the Putting Green irrigation system.

Joe will review the Reserve Study and report at the next Board meeting.

Joe will submit his maintenance needs to Debra as she prepares the 2012 budget.

Joe will contact Cardinal about getting the public health license for the pool renewed.

The next meeting will be at 7:30 on Tuesday, October 25 at Tina’s home.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary