Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 September 20, 2005



                    Tina Blum

                    Maynard Morris

                    Hank Smither

Mark Goddard

Muriel Horacek


1.  Minutes of the August 9th meeting were approved.


2.  Treasurer’s Report:

          --we spent $3500 more in August 2005 than in August 2004

          --we have $6500 reserve, after paying the tree clearing bill

          --paid $292.70 for rental of chairs and tables for BBQ

          --the annual meeting charge at La Cañada Country Club, including light refreshments, will be $500.  Maynard will check with the Country Club if there is a per person charge.

          --Mesa Crest Water Company has not yet been sold


3.  Maintenance:

          --Jose’s estimate for new landscaping is $532 for plants and $148 for dirt, for a total of $680.

          --the two sprinklers will be able to cover the area

          --The Board approved $522 for new plants by the playground, including dirt

          --Hank will contact JPL if they will landscape the area since they had removed shrubbery for security reasons

          --it was suggested that a vine be planted to camouflage the gardener’s shed next to the playground

          --our pool man reports that there are cracks and the pool is losing water.  Estimates will be obtained from two other pool companies as to necessary repairs such as re-plastering, new filters, motor and pump.

          --residents have requested trimming of pine trees, but Jose reports that then they will only grow faster.

          --drainage behind the Porter home on 257 Starlane will be investigated and if necessary should be directed towards the front


4.  An accounting audit will be discussed with Tom McCutchan to see if he can do it


5.  Report of the Starlight Mesa BBQ on August 27th was given by Tina:

          --55 adults and 14 children attended.  Charging $10 for adults and $5 for children, plus receiving a $5 donation = $625.

Expenses $959.72 – 625. =  $334.72

The pickles were donated by Gordon Wood, and the mushroom dish by Tina.  Tina also paid for the piñata including the toys and candy inside.


It was requested that we email a notice requesting nominations for the ’06 Board.


Respectfully submitted,


Muriel Horacek