Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting


9-2-15, 6:00

By Conference Call


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Derrick Pan (DP)

Not – John Andraos (JA), Alex Benderskii (AB)


Renovation proposals:


Blum solar panel proposal.  GG reviewed the plan to add solar panels to the Blum house, which had been circulated to all Board members.  He noted that the Blums had requested an urgent approval of their plans as they had only a limited time window to do this construction or they would be required to wait for a significant time for available construction resources for the project.  GG commented that the plan seemed to be in line with the guidelines the Board had discussed when considering the Bergens’ solar panel proposal.  The panels will be on the sides of the roof, away from the street.  The panels also will not extend above the roof line.  The equipment will be well hidden on the sides of the house.  SP also noted that the Blums’ immediate neighbors had signed off on the proposal.  DP agreed that the proposal complied with the Board guidelines.  The Board unanimously approved the proposal.