Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

9-14-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP house



Present: Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Brent Tweddle (BT), Cynthia Smither (CS), Kirk Gerbracht (KG)


Renovation Requests:


KS Kim Exterior:  GG reported that he had not heard further about this request for approval of a new exterior on this house.  The request was deferred to the next meeting.


Stephen Liu Solar Panels:  GG reported on Stephen Liu’s request to install solar panels on his house.  He noted that the panels would be on the flat portion of the roof, which is relatively hidden.  KG observed that the panels would face away from street.  The Board approved the request.


Armond Kotikian Roof:  GG advised that he had been contacted about this change of roof request but no plans had been received yet.  The request was deferred.


Artificial turf standards:


GG reported that he had circulated the revised draft artificial turf standards to the community after the last Board meeting.  The only comments received were from Lisa Brownfield.  He suggested that the Board adopt the current draft of the standards and see how they work in practice.  They can be amended later if necessary.  SP noted that Alex Fan still wants to install artificial turf in his front yard.  The drafts standards were approved by the Board.


JPL Boundary Survey/Security Enhancements:


GG noted that JPL had installed a fence shaking detector on the boundary fence along Starlight Crest/Starlight Mesa.  The neighbors had objected to the impact of that device on the view and JPL had moved part of it to a less obvious location.




Renewal of Jose Toribio Contract:  SP circulated drafts of a renewal contract with Jose Toribio.  BT asked about renewing mulch annually in the common areas.  SP assumes it is done but will add it to the draft.  BT observed that with the CPI-U increase we will need to notify Jose of the increase each year.  SP reported that she and BT now will give draft to Jose for consideration. KG suggested that the Board invite Jose to come to the next Board meeting if he wants to discuss anything in the draft.


Replacement of tennis court net:  SP reported that she had purchased a new net for the tennis court from a local sporting goods store (the same one that sold the HOA the last tennis court net 11 years ago).  Benjamin Paz installed the new net.  The total cost was $200.


Other:  SP reported that there is a problem with the controller for hillside irrigation system on the hillside under Berrymans and Hillers houses.  Those areas are not being watered and the plants dying.  The controller is powered by solar panels. Jose can enlarge the controller behind the pool (hard-wired, not solar powered) to control all the hillside sprinklers for $600.  KG asked how we would get power to the irrigation lines that far away.  SP will get more details from Jose.  We also may need to remove dead bushes from the hillside.


SP reported that the palm trees at Mark Goddard’s house need trimming; that work should been handled by the Association.  She will include it in the next annual tree-trimming plan.


            SP noted that the pool sign still need to have the numbers handled. GG will handle.


SP noted the issue with the pool level being too high last weekend. BT said that the auto fill valve was broken and was replaced.  He will check to make sure it is working. SP said she was not happy with Cardinal’s response to the issue.  GG asked if we should be looking at other management companies?


Putting Green Park:  BT reported on the quote from Jose for the revised work plan in the putting green park.  He will remove the concrete walks in the park and replace it with decomposed granite (DG) in the park walkways.  He will also put grass where the concrete is and plants where picnic table is now and move the picnic table to the end of the park and will move the sprinkler lines to fit this new alignment.  He asked if we should also replace the other smaller path into the park with DG?  Finally, the Board needs to decide on regular DG or fine DG - fine is more expensive and more difficult to keep in place.  KG observed that if we replace the concrete now, we could always go back to concrete later if the DG doesn’t work.  He favors using regular DG.  GG calculated that the total cost for DG at both entrances would be $7250; he also favors regular DG.  The Board approved the plan with regular DG.


Children’s Park:  BT reported on results of children’s park survey.  We got a good response rate.  The results were circulated to the community.  They showed strong support for redoing both children’s parks and for a substantial fee assessment to pay for that renovation work.  He will put together a design.  He suggests we plan to spend $15k from the reserve fund; that would leave $35k from the reserve fund for the pool project.  The balance of about $20k should remain in the reserve fund.  The total budget for the children’s parks will be about $30k, which would require a $15k assessment or about $166/home.  He will come up with a specific plan to approval.  He asked how we can ensure that we are up to code and safe – should we bring in an inspector? KG suggested an assessment of $200/home and that we pay the rest of the cost from the reserve fund. GG observed that we may be able to install some of the new equipment ourselves and may need to use a contractor for the rest.


Pool project:  BT reported that the committee is still waiting for a full set of bids before he can put together a community survey on this project. 


Treasurer’s Report:


KG reported that he had not yet received a bank statement this month.


Annual Picnic Planning:


KG reported that he met with Derrick Pan about the tables and chairs and would order the same as we had used in the past.  CS spoke to Gringos Locos; they will bring grills and prepare the food at the pool.  She will make a reservation for dinner service to start at 5:00. KG has plates, utensils, etc. GG – will rent a projector, screen, jumper and popcorn machine. CS suggested we ask Chari Gilmore to see if she has any recent animated movies.  KG will get drinks, ice and ice chests.




SP suggested that we should add other contact names for homeowners on the directory so that we know who to contact if there is an emergency.  GG will request that information next time he updated the directory for update.


Next meeting:



            7:30 p.m.

            SP house