Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

August 9, 2005


Participants: Tina Blum

                    Muriel Horacek

                    Maynard Morris

                    Hank Smither


1.  Minutes of the July 12th meeting were approved.


2.  Treasurer’s Report:

          --current water bill was 76% higher than previous month

          --sale of Mesa Water Co. still pending

          --the Board approved the bid of $1150 for pruning trees, plus $800 for four more trees

          --Gardeners have completed common-property brush clearance, cleaning out the culverts and erecting erosion control barriers.  Maynard will notify the Forest Service per their request. 

          --Jose recommended planting honeysuckle to maintain the slopes as it needs little water.  The cost will be reported at a future meeting.

          --an audit of liability and fire insurance coverage was made and Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association was deemed to be adequately covered by SMG


3.  Maintenance:

          --a new pool pole net was purchased after old one was found broken

          --a rat or mouse was found in the pool

          --food has been found on tables and concrete around pool

          --garbage lids were found bent out of shape

          --dog poop is still being found in the pool and playground areas


4.  Security:

          --Hank requested increased patrols by the Sheriff’s Department due to recent incidents

          --our emails regarding these incidents have been given to our gardeners so they may be more aware of unwanted visitors


5.  It was agreed that the Board’s watering policy would be on a priority basis:

          A.  Pool, park and surrounding areas

          B.  Where visible from Mesa streets and front doors

C.  Where visible from Mesa back doors

          D.  Where invisible from the above, or near a slope’s crest


6.  Future pool repairs will have to be considered in next year’s budget, and discussed at future meetings so that they will be completed before summer of ’06.


7.  A Reserve Account Audit has not been done since ’01.  Hank will report on this at the next meeting.


The next meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30 at the home of Maynard Morris, 5338 Stardust Road.


Respectfully submitted,




Muriel Horacek