Minutes of August 28, 2013 Board Meeting,


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, <redacted>, Karen Levin and Trang Tran


1.      The meeting was called to order at 8:05 pm by the President, Trang Tran.

2.      Approved the replacement of roof of the Fan residence at 281 Starlane Drive.  The property owner complied with the Association’s guidelines for alternations and provided the Board with a sample of the new material (light weight concrete shakes) to be used.

3.      New Mesa residents announced:

a.       Gregory and Shirley Goechner at 172 Starlight Crest (owner)

b.      George and Sheryl Hernandez at 5311 Pali Point Lane (renter)

4.      Discussion of the Bergen fence and landscaping agreement (submitted by the Bergens) status; discussions continue with the Board’s Counsel; the Board has issues with: waivers of prescriptive rights, exclusive versus concurrent maintenance, duration of the agreement, establishing precedents, and the need for a collaborating property line survey; the Board emphasized their desire for expediting the resolution of this issue; the Board directed that its Counsel deal directly with the Bergens on the open issues.

5.      Annual Picnic (9/7/13) planning/coordination

a.       Trang has reserved tables and chairs, chaffing dishes and table covers to be delivered on Friday; Trang will provide a BBQ, Mediterranean food, candy in bags for accompanying the movie, desserts, card table for sign-ins, table cloths, Asian food, two tables for food

b.      Tina Blum will provide sausages and potato salad, piñata and candy, two tables for food

c.       Karen will procure heavy weight plates (2 sizes), napkins, Sterno, name tags, electric candles, chips and other munchies, baked chicken, salad, one table for food

d.      The Treasurer will provide cheese and pita bread, drinks (beer, soft drinks, water), other Middle Eastern food items

e.       Chari will provide hotdogs and buns for the kids (to be cooked on the grill with Tina's sausages). As well as two cases of wine.

f.       Glenn will provide the movie projection and sound equipment, rent a screen, provide truck and manpower for logistics, wine cups and beer cups, 3 Colman ice chests, 2 Styrofoam ice chests, 12 bags of ice, Chicken fajitas, rice, beans, Caesar salad, tortillas, chips and salsa

g.      Michelle Kim will provide the movie disc, kid games,

h.      Set up time will be 3 pm

i.        Food to be delivered at 5 pm

j.        Buffet open at 5:30 pm

6.      Treasurers’ report

a.       The 2011 audit has been completed and will be distributed to residents via e-mail, on the website and hardcopies to those without e-mail

b.      The 2012 audit engagement letter has been signed and the 2012 audit will proceed.

c.       The treasurer has a backlog of checks for signature due to his holiday travel; the Board emphasized the need to expedite check signing in order to satisfy our suppliers, and to make arrangements for alternative delivery of checks in the absence of the Treasurer;

d.      Dues delinquencies were reviewed.

e.       Current expenditures were reviewed and found to be equal to or less than expectations

f.       The Treasurer will once again speak to Cardinal Management regarding the need to provide variances from the current year budget in the monthly financial reports.

7.      Pool operating permit

a.       Glenn reported that Cardinal Management has paid LA County for the annual swimming pool operating permit, but that the pool has yet to be inspected this year.  Last year we had violations regarding the fading depth markers, and the lack of a capacity sign that have yet to be resolved.

8.      Maintenance report:  Glenn and Karen reported that in past month:

a.       Directed Toribio Landscaping to spray the invading Bermuda Grass in the Putting Green Park in order to try eradicate it.

b.      Directed Toribio Landscaping to remove a dying palm tree long the west fence of the pool

c.       Removed a dead Juniper shrub south of the tennis court

d.      Restocked the pool restrooms with trash bags and toilet set covers

e.       Periodically monitored the pool area for proper operation of the filters/solar heaters/pool service performance, damage, etc

f.       Adjust the drinking fountain at the pool for proper operation

g.      Directed Toribio Landscaping to check for the proper the operation of all the irrigation

h.      Adjusted watering frequency in the Putting Green to reduce “bogginess”

i.        Directed Toribio Landscaping to power wash the pool deck before the picnic

9.      Maintenance plans for September

a.       Complete a master schedule for water frequency and durations in all zones by season

b.      Adjust watering schedules based upon current weather

c.       Schedule Fall lawn fertilizing

d.      Install a hand washing faucet adjacent to the tennis court drink fountain (task carried over from previous months)

e.       Plan for maintenance of the swales below Mariners View prior to the rainy season

10.  Discussed the issue of the proliferation of ground squirrels near the tennis court

a.       Karen obtained a bid for $250 establishing poison bait stations by each of the squirrel holes for a month or more; if accepted, the work would be done after the picnic

b.      The reasons for not going ahead with the squirrel eradiation was the safety concern for children playing by the poisonous bait stations near the path to the children's play areas; as well as the squirrels being indigenous to the area and therefore a constant problem.  The Board, therefore, voted to attempt to remove the squirrels using only water to flush the squirrels out and then use stones to block their entrance and exit by the gazebo area as they may cause the gazebo base to break.

11.  Front Lawn Watering Concerns

a.       The issue of some residents not water their front lawns, an issue carried over from a previous meeting, was discussed

b.      It was agreed that Glenn would draft a letter for Board review to be sent to residents who are not maintaining their front lawns to standards set by other residents and as part of the effort by the HOA in providing front lawn mowing in order to maintain a uniform up-scale appearance of Mesa lawns.

12.  Questionnaire for residents’ feedback about the HOA

a.       In an item carried over from a previous meeting, the Board discussed the pros and cons of submitting a questionnaire to residents regarding common area maintenance, facilities, desires for future enhancements of the Mesa, the Boards’ performance, etc.

b.      There was some sentiment that a questionnaire probing specific items would not be useful or perhaps not well received.

c.       It was decided that a broad form appeal for “suggestions” about the operation of the Mesa would be more appropriate.

d.      Glenn agreed to draft a letter to residents asking for suggestions.

13.  Annual Association Meeting

a.       November 9th (with an alternative of November 16th in case of inclement weather) was established for the Association’s Annual Meeting of all residents.  It would be held on the pool deck (as it was on November 10th last year).

b.      Trang will interact with Cardinal Management regarding the legal preparations required.

c.       Glenn will update the Reserves Study for review at the next meeting.

d.      The Treasurer will prepare a draft budget for the 2014 calendar year for review by the Board at the next meeting.

14.  Next Board Meeting was scheduled for Thursday, September 26, 2013 at Glenn’s house at 7:30 pm.

15.  Approved an invoice for $44.38 for reimbursement for supplies from Glenn; approved prepayment for tables and chairs for the picnic by Trang.

16.  Discussed lobbying potential candidates for the 2014 Board

17.  Refurbishing the Gazebo

a.       Refurbishing the gazebo is the number 1 priority on the Board’s list of improvement/maintenance projects for 2013.

b.      Karen has been investigating alternative approaches for upgrading the existing structure and has found that achieving a permanent fix built around the existing posts is not feasible.

c.       It was suggested that a preliminary plan for the desired permanent upgrade be sketched out by Karen and then Glenn would submit it to a contractor for a price out.


Respectfully submitted by

Glenn Cunningham

(Substitute Secretary)