Minutes of August 23, 2011 Board Meeting

7:30 PM at the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:  Joe Bergen, Muriel Horacek, Trang Tran, Debra Grubb, Tina Blum, Glenn Cunningham

--The minutes of July 24th meeting were approved.

--Treasurerís Report:  Debra reported that she hasnít received a report on actions taken by Cardinal concerning delinquencies.  The Board authorized her to write to them, reminding them of their obligation to provide that information monthly.  Debra also expressed concern about Cardinalís lack of follow-through on communication she has had with them on several issues. 

--Trang reported on plans for the Mesa BBQ.

   (On August 12 by email, the Board approved 3:2 to charge $16 for Adults and $6.50 for Children 2 to 12, since the caterer is charging less than last yearís caterer.) 

--The La Canada Country Club has been confirmed for the Starlight Mesa annual meeting on Wednesday evening, November 16 at 7:00PM.  Trang will contact Cardinal on deadlines for sending out nomination forms for the 2012 Board.  A list of families who have never served was discussed.

--A residentís complaint about an old van parked on Marinerís View was determined to be not under the jurisdiction of the Mesa Board, according to the CC&Rs.

--Residents have complained about speeding, particularly on Starlane Drive

--Trang discussed the insurance liability of a small part of Lot #1ís pool and patio being on common Mesa property with the new owners, and will follow up again. A quiet title permanent solution is being researched, as well.   

--Joe reported that someone who has access to the storage area at the pool has been changing the pool temperature.  Muriel said she would change the combination on the lock.  (This was done on August 25, and the gardeners and poolman notified)


--Joe reported that the culvert repair will begin in a few weeks.  Different products will be tried, to see which are the most effective.

--Brush clearance has been completed.

--The fence around the gardenersí shed has been completed

--service from the new pool company has been very satisfactory

--new pool filters will be needed next year

--An extra zone needs to be added to the pool entrance irrigation.  Cost is about $200.  Joe will do the work.

--the ďmenís roomĒ sign is missing, and will be replaced

--cigarette butts continue to be found on the pool deck

The next meeting will be September 20, at Murielís home.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary