Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

8-22-17, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present: Cynthia Smither (CS), Sylvia Paz (SP), Greg Goeckner (GG), Albert Chang (AC)

Not present: Janet Edberg (JE)

Also: Venus Payandeh (VP) and colleague – YMCA, Karen Levin, Benjamin Paz, Jim Mulligan, John and Regina Hsu, Chari Gilmore, John Kim


YMCA Water Safety Proposal:


VP presented the YMCA’s proposal for a water safety program at the SMHOA pool and brought a draft contract for the Board to read.  GG will review the contract.  VP advised that the YMCA had a similar program at the Pennsylvania apartments.  It is up to the HOA whether to just allow Mesa residents to participate or to open the program to others.  The Board approved the proposal, subject to review of the contract.




The Board and community members discussed the e-mail from the Board to the community about the HJ Kim fence, including the impact of the potential litigation against HJ Kim on plans to renovate the pool and the playgrounds, the future of the CCR/Bylaw project, other litigation the HOA has undertaken for collections, the potential for a special assessment to support the litigation, the importance of continuity on the Board until the issue is resolved, the possibility of using other methods to resolve the issue, the need for a long-term solution to the fence issue, the risks and costs of litigation, and the risks and implications of not taking this action now.



GG noted that a concern had been raised about trespassers at the pool.  SP recalled that the Board had looked at electronic key fobs for the pool locks, but decided to re-key the lock and distribute new keys.  CS noted that trespassers can jump the fence so upgrading the locks does not solve the problem. 
AC asked whether someone should be dedicated to pool maintenance.  GG noted that the Board had asked Cardinal for a proposal several years ago to take on some of the maintenance work the Board currently performs.  The proposal was relatively expensive.  AC suggested that Jose Toribio could take over more of this work and then could attend HOA Board meetings and report; this would lessen the maintenance burden on the Board.  GG suggested that a Board member should still monitor and review maintenance issues.  SP will talk to Jose and see if he is interested.


SP reported that Jose has changed some broken valves and is still trying to determine why the HOA’s water usage is up so much this year.


SP reported that the electrician had fixed several issues at the pool.  The solar controls at the pool are failing.  AC asked whether we need a pool operator.  SP suggested we ask the YMCA about it.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reported that the operating account had $35k and the reserve account had $85k at the end of July.  Many checks were outstanding so the net balance in the operating account was ~$20k.  The HOA continues to be on budget, though the legal line is a little high. Delinquencies continue to be low, with the exception of one house.


Schedule for Annual Meeting and Elections:


The Board approved a tentative date of November 12, 2017.


BLM Marking of JPL Boundary:


GG reported that the BLM had placed several CADASTRAL survey markers along the boundary of JPL and the Mesa properties, with the bulk of the property being the children’s park and the landscaped area on the east side of Starlight Crest and Starlight Mesa bordering JPL.  The markers are much closer to the existing JPL fence than the prior JPL survey markers.  He is trying to reach BLM to discuss the results of their survey.


Next Meeting:



7:30 p.m.

CS House