Minutes of Board Meeting, August 22, 2009

at the pool


Present:  Board Members Joe Bergen, Tom Cwik, Muriel Horacek, John Kim, Scott Swanson

Scott called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM

--The minutes of the July 25th Board meeting were approved.

--Scott distributed a copy of a letter dated August 18 from Bruce Miller’s lawyer.  Since our letter of July 25 addressed all of the same concerns, the Board felt that no reply was necessary.

--A Mesaresident wrote to the Board complaining that street lights were not necessary, were a waste of energy, and shined in their bedroom windows.  The Board determined that we had no control over the street lights, and, in fact, felt that they added a measure of security to the Mea.

--The water meter on the corner of Starlane and Mariner’s View, while undergoing repair, is being changed from a 1 ½” line to a 1” line.   The cost of the change will be recouped after 9 months since the monthly meter charge will be cut in half.

--Muriel reported that SCE has had the service address for the meter behind the poolhouse as 282 Starlight Crest Drive whereas it should have been 282 Starlane Drive which could have been the reason for the erroneous billing. 

--The tennis court net has been replaced.

--It has been noticed that we have had increased police patrol after our request last month.

--Since some smoking has still been observed in Mesa common areas, it was decided to remind folks of the smoking ban.

--Joe will talk to Jose re renewing the Mesa gardeners’ contract for 2010.

--Tom will request the same menu for the Mesa BBQ on September 12, and arrange for rental of tables and chairs.  Joe will look into having a movie rental for that evening.  After these costs are known, the Board will decide the price to be charged, and Muriel will send a notice out to all residents.

--By email, following this meeting, the Board agreed:

            --not to have a reserve study this year

            --that the price of the BBQ would be $17.00 for adults, $7.50 for 3 to 12 yr olds, and free     

              for children under 3.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary