Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 August 22, 2006

At the home of Hank Smither

Present:  Michael Durfee, Muriel Horacek, Bill Imbriale, Hank Smither

  1. Minutes of July 18th meeting were approved.
  1. Treasurer Bill Imbriale is studying the Reserve Study and Operating Budget and will report further at our next meeting.
  1. The Board approved that the locks to the pool and tennis gates be changed and more secure keys ordered.  There will be one key per family, with their Lot # stamped on it. 
  1. Since less than half of the residents have replied whether or not they are coming to the BBQ, the Board requested that Muriel deliver notices to each mailbox of those who have not replied.
  1. Since Michael Durfee will be away in early September, it was requested that Muriel contact Tina Blum as to her offer that we use some of her tables and tablecloths for the BBQ, thereby reducing the number of rentals.
  1. Hank Smither will request SMG to send out candidate nomination forms in early September in preparation for the election of new officers at our annual meeting in November.
  1. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 19th at Bill Imbriale’s house, 320 Starlane Drive.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary