Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

8-20-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Board Members Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EFC), Glenn Cunningham (GC),

Also, for short periods – Farah Chang (FC), Michelle Kim (MK)



The minutes of the 7-15-20 meeting were approved electronically and were posted on the website.




1.      Chang Fence and Landscaping Proposal –This item was carried forward from the July Board meeting.  An updated Landscaping Proposal was transmitted to the Board’s e-mail site the night before the 7-15-20 Board meeting and was not review by the Board before or at that meeting.  The Board reviewed the planting proposal for plants along the property line to the south and along the back fence on the Putting Green side.  FC requested the option to plant small tree(s) in these areas.  The Board suggested that no trees be planted at the corner of her property and along the property to the south.  Hedges, no higher than the post and rail fence, are acceptable.  FC agreed.  FC will notify the Board when landscaping will be done so that the Board can observe. FC agrees that the landscaping on the Putting Green side of the post and rail fence will be low plants similar in the nature to the other areas on the periphery of the Putting Green and can include small trees.  FC will pay for this landscaping and the relocation of Association’s sprinklers in this area. FC will coordinate the efforts with Toribio.  FE will write a summary of the landscaping agreements for the record (Action Item 20-029).  FE asked FC and she agreed to provide a copy of the deed to her property so that the recorded name of the property owners can be included in the Covenant to Maintain required by the new Fence Policy.


2.      Michelle Kim (MK) submitted a request to change the garage door on her home at 324 Starlane Drive (Lot 7).  The proposed door will be a roll up model with glass panels across the top and solid panels below.  The color will be white.  MK also submitted two front yard landscaping plans.  Both the garage door change and the landscaping plans were approved.  The modifications to the building, proposed in sketches presented at the 7-15-20 meeting, have been put on hold.  MK also indicated that she may be bringing plans for a solar array to the Board for approval in the future.  The Board suggested that she talk to the several Mesa residents who have recently installed solar arrays.


3.      Choi relocated fence status (225 Mariners View, Lot 27):  only a couple of panels of their new fence have been installed, and it appears that no changes have yet been made to the Association’s sprinkler system that must be relocated.


4.      The Loadvine’s at 5219 Starlight Mesa Lane (lot 74) submitted a request for repainting their house.  The new colors were specified on the photos submitted.  The request was provisionally approved before the Board Meeting and confirmed in this meeting.


Pool Issues


1.      Resident Jason Pardo, a member of the Pool Committee, procured and installed a replacement hot water heater for the pool house.  The Board is especially appreciatively of his efforts.


2.      The potential leak in the solar heater system was actually water leading from the water heat drip pan; Pardo corrected the problem during the heater replacement effort.


3.      The status of other repairs (repainting the restroom doors, door closer reattachment, fence repair) are not known.


4.      The pool committee continues to monitor the maintenance issues with the pool area and adherence to the new usage guidelines.    The COVID-19 rules have been revised by LA County, and the Pool Committee is folding the new rules into our usage guidelines.  The Board continues to thank them for their service to the community.


Maintenance and Security Issues


1.      GC submitted his proposal for fences and gates around the pool/courts area to Western Fence Company for a rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimate.  They are waiting for their estimator to view the site.


2.      Tennis Court:  EC donated eight plastic chairs for the court.  EC procured a replacement roller sponge.  GC refastened the sun/windscreen to the fence.


3.      It has been observed that on numerous evenings a group of juvenile boys (presumed to be from outside the Mesa) have been using the basketball court.  FE doesn’t want residents to have to confront them and force their exit.  After some discussion, it was decided that a professional patrol should be hired for the hours of 4-8 pm for the next two months to restrict usage of the facilities to only Mesa residents.  FE will follow up with Post Security relative to the best solution to this ongoing problem.  FE reiterated his support for an additional fencing solution to the recreational area security issues. (Action Item 20-022)


4.      It was also observed that there is apparently professional tennis instruction being conducted on the court.  It is not known who the participants are.  It was agreed that when a resident is involved as a student, there is no issue with professional instruction.  However, if the Mesa court is used for professional instruction to non-Mesa persons, this use of the court is prohibited.


Board’s Operation of the Mesa


A short discussion of the Board’s operation practices of the Mesa was prompted by GC.  With only three members, it is very difficult to provide management in the mode of past Boards.  EC pointed out that with the changes in interest (reduced) of residents in supporting and participating in the Board’s activities, a new style of management will have to be evolved.  FE wants to have a “handy-man organization” available to do all the manual labor necessary to maintain the Mesa facilities.  An initial trial to engage a person recommended by Cardinal Management proved unsuccessful.  FE and EC will look for and/or provide lists of prospective vendors (Action item 20-023).  GC is to provide a list of current maintenance tasks to be accomplished (Action Item 20-024).


Financial Status as of 7/30/20


The financial report of July had yet to be provided by Cardinal Management.  FE will ask Cardinal to always have them available 5 days before the schedule Board Meetings (Action Item 20-025).


Other items


Discussion items listed in the agenda will be included in the next Newsletter (residents’ trash cans, Leash law, pool umbrellas, closing pool gates).


EC didn’t get new directory in current distribution; GC will check the distribution lists (Action Item 20-025)


FC needs to write an agreement with Ethan Hsu regarding his Little Library project (Action Item 20-015)


The Board reviewed, in Executive Session, Jose Toribio’s contract to provide landscaping services Mesa.  FE to review current contract provisions with Toribio. (Action Item 20-027)


Next Meeting


Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 7:00 pm via video conference.