Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

July 31, 2018




1. Attendees:

a. Board: Albert Chang, Cynthia Smither, Mike Sagarian, Janet Edberg

b. Guests: Jose Toribio, Hanjoo Kim


2. Maintenance


a. Clintons Property Sprinkler Pipes

i. Clintons asked for permission to remove pipes that appear to be

connected to HOA valves that are no longer in use. Permission for

homeowner to remove at their own expense granted.


b. Brush Clearance

i. completed


c. Broken sprinkler controllers

i. Putting Green timer - having issues controlling valves, will need to be

replaced. Replacement approved.


ii. Also replaced another one near Diamond Point, near lot 86


d. Refills of pet waste bages, cleaning supplies, and trash bags


i.              Janet provided to JT


e. Playground


i.              Equipment has been ordered and work is scheduled to begin in fall


f. Pool Maintenance


i. Broken umbrella replaced, life ring and rope replaced, new signage and

various other maintenance items addressed


ii. Pool contractor notified CS and JT of issues with rocks and food in pool

and people removing a piece from the skimmer, which requires the whole

skimmer to be replaced constantly


iii.            MS will look into gate repair, JE will look into broken outlet(s)


g. Pool Project


i.              No one from community has volunteered to be the project manager


ii. Paying for project manager - Board willing to pay $2,000 to qualified

individual. Have to be on call and available up to 15 hours per week for

approximately 4 weeks in May. Oversee vendor doing the work. Make

decisions to keep the work moving. Report back to board on issues and

key decision points.


h. Next Contract with Toribio

i. DM requested a copy. For next contract, we would like to see if it makes

sense to include more of the annually recurring work into the contract. For

example, each year we pay for brush clearance, tree trimming, tree

removal and tree planting that we budget for but is not part of the


i. Front sprinkler repair - 255 Starlight Crest

i. JT can check out homeowner front yard sprinkler and adjust / help

maintain, but if replacement is needed, it will be at homeowner cost


3. Renovation Requests

a. None


4. Finances

a. Treasurers report

i. Operating: $55,194 (higher than normal due to need to pay for playground



ii.             Reserves: $102,278


b. Reserve study

i. Only need someone to do an on-site inspection every 3 years. Since it

was just done last year, this year will not require an on-site inspection. MS

will fill out some paper work for the reserve study company.


5. Facebook Page

a. 28 replies

i. 18 definitely would (64%)

ii. 6 probably would (21%)

iii. 2 probably would not (7%)

iv.2 definitely would not (7%)


b. AC will reach out to those who volunteered to moderate to see if they are still

interested in getting this page setup


6. Next Meeting

a. September 4th meeting - 7:30pm at Cynthias


7. Next Newsletter

a. Pool - food in pool, people removing rod in the skimmer, pool toy box gone -

every Tuesday everything will be thrown out, lost/found contact us


b. Pool Project


c. Facebook