Minutes of July 27, 2013 Board Meeting,

7:30 p.m. at the home of Karen Levin


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore, <redacted>, Karen Levin &

Trang Tran


·         Approved new gates and fence at the Andraos property.


·         Approved a new gate and fence at the Cunningham property.


·         The Starlight Mesa Homeowner’s Association’s Annual Partywill be on Saturday, September 7.  Costs will be the same as 2012:  Adults 15+ $20; Kids 5-14 $10; and Children under 5 are free. The diverse selection of international foods will include:


·         Asian noodles, egg rolls, pork

·         Baked Chicken

·         Salad

·         Beef fajitas, rice, beans, chips and salsa

·         Middle Eastern kebabs, rice pilaf and sides

·         Hot Dogs

·         Dessert

·         Water, Sodas, Beer and Wine


·         Finance Report

·         2011 Audit.  The Board requested one further clarification from the Accountant.  Then the report of the audit will be cleared for Cardinal Management to distribute to the residents. 

·         <redacted>will advise Cardinal again to complete an engagement letter with the accountants to conduct a 2012 Audit.

·         June expenses were reviewed.  <redacted> will instruct Cardinal Management again to track expenses as a percentage of the budget for each line item.


·         The Board reviewed the Bergen’s Land Usage and Maintenance Agreement and agreed to have the outside counsel for the Mesa review and discuss with the Bergens.


·         The offer from the Board to help form Small Neighborhood Watch clusters has been tabled because of a lack of expressed interest by the residents to participate.  In the meantime, Home Burglary Prevention Tips and a Home and Personal Security Handbook from the Sheriff’s Department were posted on the Mesa website. 


·         Maintenance: 

·         Water baffle replaced in shallow end of pool

·         Installed two new planks in the lower landing of the stairway from upper Mesa to the tennis court area

·         Reoriented tennis backboard to vertical and reattached anchor chains to the fence

·         Checked operation of all sprinklers

·         Spoke to one concrete contractor on swales repair

·         Many of the yards in the Mesa are lovingly maintained and an enjoyment to residents and visitors.  As a result, when a front yard is not maintained, it is a noticeable exception.  The Board engaged in a discussion on the dilemma of paying for front yard gardeners despite the fact some residents do not sufficiently water their yard to maintain the lawn or plants.  Methods for advising residents to maintain their yard’s appearance for the betterment of the community were discussed, but nothing was decided yet.


Maintenance Plans for August

·         Install a hand washing faucet by the drinking fountain next to the tennis court

·         Interact with additional concrete contractors relative to repairs to the swales below Mariners View


·         The Board agreed on a draft of a welcome letter to inform new residents of key information about the SMHOA.


·         The Board will solicit resident feedback via email regarding ideas and concerns they have about the maintenance and further development of the Mesa.


·         It was confirmed that the maintenance crew under contract with the SMHOA uncharacteristically and without notice or permission cut down a tree that was on the Gilmore’s property near the path to the tennis court and removed a professionally installed property line marker.  The Gilmores and José from Toribios are discussing next steps.


·         Board approved cost of annual web page hosting fee.


·         Next Meeting:  August meeting will be held on Thursday, August 29 at 7:30 at the home of <redacted>.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary