Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

7-26-17, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Cynthia Smither (CS), Albert Chang (AC), Janet Edberg (JE)

Also – Tyler Wright (TW) – CEO and Venus Payandeh (VP) of La Crescenta YMCA


YMCA offer of swimming lessons:


JE noted that many years ago she had asked about having lessons at the SMHOA pool.  TW has known Glenn Cunningham for many years.  Swimming lessons are important for the community.  VP noted that the YMCA has been offering swim safety programs for apartment buildings in which the Y had sent instructors to their pools.  The YMCA has qualified personnel to do it.  TW advised that the Y just needed access to our pool to start the program.  AC responded that the Board is interested.  TW will come up with a formal agreement to allow them to offer classes in our pool.  VP advised that the YMCA also has expertise to operate pools.  TW said the YMCA is proposing to do the same thing at school campuses.  The YMCA also offered lessons at the SMHOA pool many years ago.


Renovation requests:


Zekan solar:  GG reviewed the Zekans’ proposal for solar panels.  The panels will be on the back of house, not visible from the street.  The inverter will be on the side of the house.  GG will confirm that the solar panels will be flush to the roof.  The proposal was approved.




SP reported that the brush clearance project was completed.  The fire department had reviewed and approved the work (no letter was sent).  Jose Toribio completed the path in the park for KS Kim to access the park from the back of her house.  There have been complaints about the upkeep of the front yards of two houses.  GG noted that state law prohibits the HOA from requiring homeowners to water their lawns.  CS will approach the individual homeowners to determine why the yards are not being kept up. 


Treasurer’s Report:


AC noted that the HOA’s water bills are still high.  SP reported that Jose had checked the water lines and fixed some leaks.  AC reported that the operating account had $17k and the reserve account $84k.  The HOA was generally on budget for the year and delinquencies are low, with the exception of one house.


Playground renovation:


SP reported that Derrick Pan has received quotes for the playground renovations, including using Innovative Playgrounds as professional apparatus installers.  GG noted that the bids were higher than anticipated.  AC said the prior estimate was $30k, with $15k to be taken from reserves and $15k from a special assessment.  GG suggested that the Board go ahead with the revised figures but that we will need a vote on the special assessment and that will have to be higher than initially anticipated.  SP suggested that the broken concrete be removed soon; she will ask Derrick to get a final quote on all of the elements in the project.


Pool parties – enforcement of rules:


SP reported that someone who had a party at the pool had brought in a rental truck to the pool area and had broken sprinklers and a low wall in the area.  GG reviewed the pool party reservation list to determine who might have been responsible.  SP will call those neighbors.  JE suggested that we also remind everyone that the pool gate has to be left locked and not propped open.  GG will send a reminder to the community about removing trash after parties and complying with the other pool rules. 


Sale of Mesa Crest Water Co.:


GG noted that everyone had received notice of a planned sale of the Mesa Crest Water Company.  A prior attempt to sell the Water Company several years ago resulted in protests from community members, but there did not appear to be any opposition to this proposed sale.


The Board then met in executive session to discuss legal matters.


Next Meeting:


            8-22-17, 7:30 p.m.

            SP house