Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

7-21-15, 7:30 p.m.

SP house


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Derrick Pan (DP), John Andraos (JA)

Not Present – Alex Benderskii (AB)

Also – Nikki Mojarradi (NM), Cydney Motia (CM)


Community safety/recent burglaries/Organizing Neighborhood Watch


CM advised that she lives on Grand in LCF.  She tries to coordinate Neighborhood Watch Groups in LCF.  She has a sheriff’s tip sheet and procedures for getting a group started and continuing.  She works with Captain Song of the La Crescenta Sheriff’s office.  She suggested that people not stop their mail or newspapers when on vacation; have a neighbor collect them.  NM will work together with CM on this effort.  JA commented that cleaning people often are the source of robberies. 


CM said that a group of gang members is targeting LCF.  She wants to invite the neighbors to a meeting at a central location with Deputy Matejka.  It should be set a month ahead of time.  There should be one adult from each household present.  We can do the meeting in batches so everyone can attend.  JA said it was unlikely that we would be able to get 80% participation in such a meeting.  CM suggested hosting the meeting at the community pool.


CM showed the Board a report of crime in LCF from  There have been a lot of burglaries in the neighborhood recently.  JA suggested combining this meeting with the community picnic on August 29th.  CM said the sheriff’s presentation usually takes about an hour.  She will bring tips for security.  NM said we will need 4 captains and 4 co-captains for the neighborhood watch for our HOA.  CM suggested that the neighborhood watch send around monthly reports to the community.  Solicitors need a permit in LCF.  The number at the La Crescenta Sheriff’s Dept. office for non-emergency calls is 818-248-3464.




SP advised that there had been no development related to the fence move requests.  DP observed that the unapproved fence posts were still in the ground at the Gerbrachts and Kims. GG will advise them to remove them.


Maintenance Report


Brush clearance.  SP advised that she had done the walk through with AB of the brush clearance work.  Everything was done properly.  They found big holes being dug in the lower Mesa area. Two houses on Starlane had cut down trees for the view and had dumped the brush down the hillside for Jose to clean up. JA suggested that the Board warn people they will be charged for that type of extra work.


Culverts.  SP advised that Jose had provided a quote for filling cracks in culverts of $260.  He also will trim back 4 large trees over the pool for $920.  The Board unanimously approved both proposals.  GG asked if other culverts need work?  SP will ask Jose. DP suggested that the culvert next to the Coates house needed to be repaired.  SP will tell Jose to fix all of the culverts.


Gazebo.  SP talked to Mike Prescott about the gazebo project.  He thinks the existing structure is too flimsy.  She will bring a drawing of what we can do to replace the gazebo.  DP advised that we have $6-7k for this in the budget. SP will ask what we can do for that amount.


Pool subcommittee.  DP advised that only Glenn Cunningham had agreed to join this subcommittee so far.  The subcommittee will be involved from beginning to end of the pool project.  JA volunteered and suggested other candidates.


Treasurer’s Report


DP reported that at the end of June there was ~$41k in the bank account, with outstanding checks of $18k, for a net available cash balance of $22.8k.  We were in the middle of a collections period.  There were not many major expenses now.  This would be a good time for the gazebo project.  The reserve account is doing well – it has $55.4k at the end of June.  The collection delinquencies were all resolved except the one family that is subject to a collection action – that family now owes $5461.


Plans/time for annual picnic


GG reported that there were no major conflicts with August 29 as the date for the annual picnic.  JA will order food from Carousel again.  DP will order the jumper for the kids.  SP will ask Karen Levin for last year’s Costco shopping list. GG will send a note to the community and collect RSVPs.  The Board agreed to charge the same prices as last year.  Glenn Cunningham set up the movie last year; DP will ask him to do so this year too. 


Plans for annual meeting


GG reported that November 15th seemed to work well for the annual meeting.  He will confirm that date to everyone.


CCR Update

GG advised that Matt Gardner will provide a revised draft of the CC&Rs and Bylaws this week for the Board to review. Then those documents can be sent to the community for one more review. 


Next meeting date/time

            Thursday, August 20


            SP house