Minutes of the

Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Meeting

 July 18, 2006

At the home of Muriel Horacek


Present:  Michael Durfee, Muriel Horacek, Bill Imbriale, Hank Smither

Guests:     Hanjoo Kim, Sylvia Paz

  1. Minutes of June 13th meeting were approved.
  2. The Treasurer reported that the Reserve Study arrived today.  He will work on the budget for 2007.
  1. Pool security was discussed.  Muriel will update the Pool Rules.
  2. It was agreed that a resident may have not more than 6 guests at the pool at one time.
  3. It was agreed that Hank will prepare a letter to be sent by mail to all residents informing them that violations of these rules will result in a warning letter for a first offense, followed by a fine of $50 for a second offense and $100 for a third offense.  These fines are in accordance with the letter SMG sends to residents every November.  The last one was sent November 15, 2005.
  4. Hanjoo Kim gave us the menu for our Korean BBQ on September 9th.  We decided to charge $15 for adults, $7.50 for children under 12, and free for children under 3 yrs.  It was also decided to request a dessert from residents to share.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 22nd at 7:30 PM at the home of Jodie Kendall, 5354 Stardust Road.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary