Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

7-15-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Board Members Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EFC), Glenn Cunningham (GC),

Also – Ethan Hsu (EH), Kim and Steve Eggleston (K-SE), Michelle Kim (MK)



The minutes of the 6-24-20 meeting were approved, and will be posted on the website.


Little Free Library Proposal

Resident Ethan Hsu asked for permission to install two Little Free Library stations ( in the Mesa as part of his Eagle Scout project.  Locations would be in the upper Mesa Children’s Playground near the bench, and adjacent to the lower Mesa basketball court near the gazebo.  The Board will send Ethan an indemnity agreement (A/I 20-015).  Installation will be later in the year.  Ethan agrees to maintain the stations and remove them at the end of his project (if appropriate).  Approved.



1.      Chang Fence and Landscaping Proposal –This item was carried forward from the June Board meeting.  An updated Landscaping Proposal was transmitted to the Board’s e-mail site the night before the Board meeting and was not review by the Board before the meeting.  Chang’s did not participate in the Board Meeting.  The Board would like to work toward a written agreement with Stark and Chang on the landscaping and fencing in order to preclude further disputes.  This item will be carried forward.


2.      Kim and Steve Eggleston (K-SE) asked for a deviation to their previously approved remodeling plans for 5332 Stardust Rd. to substitute a Tesla Solar Roof (version 3) ( for the previous approved concrete shingles.  The color will be dark gray (although it is advertised as black); has a textured surface; not all panels are electrically active; panels will be installed above a fireproof underlayment; underlayment to be installed now, Telsa panels will be installed by the end of the year.  City Permit to be obtained by contractor.  Anticipate completion of the total construction in February/March 2021.  Approved.


3.      Michelle Kim (MK) submitted a sketch of proposal changes to the front of her residence at 324 Stardust Road and discussed the scope of the proposal.  The Board advised her to follow the policy on alternations and submit a total plan for construction and landscaping before the Board would act on the proposal or any part of it.  Nothing was approved.


Pool Issues


1.      Discussed concerns about non-resident family members using the pool as a semi-conflict with the new pool usage guidelines.  It was decided that it is the Board's position that the new pool guidelines, that include the LA County Health Department's clause concerning the exclusion of non-residents in the HOA pool, as just that - guidelines.  We encourage all Mesa residents to follow the Mesa's and the County's guidelines.  We are mostly concerned about persons with no family ties to Mesa residents using the facilities and would strongly discourage that usage.  We are less concerned about family groups as long as they are accompanied by Mesa residents and maintain the proper social distancing guidelines.  For example, a non-resident grandparent, supervising minor child in the facility would be considered acceptable.  These guidelines are difficult to monitor and to enforce, and we rely on our Mesa residents to use their very best judgment to prevent the spread of the novel corona virus.


2.      It was observed that there is a potential leak in the solar heater system perhaps caused by a tree overhanging the solar collectors.  Jose will be asked to trim the tree.


3.      The pool committee continues to monitor the maintenance issues with the pool area and adherence to the new usage guidelines.  The Board thanks them for their service to the community.


Maintenance and Security Issues


1.      The lower Mesa fencing proposal prepared by Cunningham (GC) was discussed.  Coleman (EC) expressed concern that additional fencing and gates would change the character of the community (a concern expressed by at least one other resident), and that improved fencing and gates around the pool alone would suffice.  She suggested that issues were mostly vandalism by resident kids, a problem that additional fencing and gates wouldn’t solve.  Cunningham was tasked to obtain bids for his proposal (A/I-20-016).


2.      A special meeting on security fencing and other security solutions will be scheduled in the future. (A/I-20-017)


3.      FE will follow up with Jose on the completion of the brush clearance project and the completion of relocating Mesa sprinklers outside the new fences. (A/I-20-018)


4.      Tennis Court:  Need roller replaced.  EC will ask Settles about source.  EC will donate six plastic chairs for the court.  The sun/windscreen still needs to be refastened.


Financial Status as of 6/30/20


FE reported that current expenditures and income are on plan for the month and the year to date;



Next Meeting

August 20, 2020 at 7:30 pm via video.