Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

June 27, 2018


Home of Cynthia Smither



1. Present

a. Albert Chang, Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither, Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Jose Toribio, Kim Eggleston, Hanjoo Kim


2. Maintenance

a. Brush Clearance Update

i. Will be done around July 10

ii. JT and CS have been in communication with fire department on progress

b. Toribio Workers Compensation Insurance

i. Documentation provided to MS

c. Basketball Net

i. MS has purchased a new one and will install

d. Playground

i. MS and CS will initiate meet with company on Saturday 6/30

ii. MS will let company know to coordinate with JT

e. Pet waste bags running low

i. JE will order more

f. Pool Maintenance

i. Received a question about pool cleanliness

ii. CS received report from pool maintenance company listing the items that

are performed each week, but CS will meet in person with them to review

and ask follow up questions


3. Renovation Requests

a. Kim Eggleston 5332 Stardust Rd

i. Provided pictures of all the neighboring houses

ii. Will be pushing structure of the house wider and deeper back into lot

iii. Lisa Benoit (neighbor) has seen and is okay with changes

iv. City is in process of reviewing and approving new plans

v. New roof (concrete slate) will be installed

vi. Will remain a 1 story

vii. Roofline will change but will not add height. Story poles will be added.

viii. Paint colors will be DunnEdwards Turtle Trail (gray green) and white

ix. Approved

b. Nathan Fan 229 Mariners View - Colors and Doors

i. Exterior paint will be California Sagebrush and Whisper, and Milgard

Tuscany series sliding door

ii. Approved


4. Finances

a. Treasurers report

b. Reserve study

i. MS will call company and schedule for this year


5. Private Facebook Page for SMHOA

a. May be more user friendly and easier to access to website

b. Might be good in addition to the website

c. Good way for new neighbors to meet others

d. Will ask community if they are interested and would use it


6. Next Newsletter

a. Pool project manager reminder

b. Facebook page interest


7. Next Meeting

a. Tuesday, July 24th 7:30pm

b. Cynthias house