Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting Minutes

6-24-20, 7:30 p.m.

By Video Conference


Board Members Present –Fred Esralian (FE), Elisa Fike Coleman (EFC), Glenn Cunningham (GC),

Also – Laura Garnic (LG), Farah Chang (FC)



The minutes of the 5-6-20 meeting were approved, and will be posted on the website.


Review of New Fence Policy

It was anticipated, as the result of several e-mails received from residents earlier in the month, that there would be considerable interest in and discussion of the new Fence Policy.  No one was present to engage in discussion.  Discussion will be welcome at future meetings.


The Covenant for the Hsu’s fence relocation has been notarized and submitted to Counsel.


FE will contact Hanjoo Kim concerning compliance with the New Fence Policy. (A/I -20-009)



1.      Garnic Back Fence (185 Starlight Crest) – LG stated that there would be no alterations to their back fence


2.      Choi Fence (225 Mariners View) – The proposal to construct a new fence on the posts installed by the previous owner in the application to relocate the back fence as documented in the 6/6/20 Fence Updated Proposal, with the location of the steps as in the option 1 location, next to lot 28, as documented in the e-mail of 6/19/20 was approved.  The steps are consistent with other lots.  The next step is for the homeowner to submit a check for $750 to cover the cost of the required Covenant, and to coordinate with Toribio for relocation of Association owned sprinklers in the newly enclosed area.


3.      Chang Fence and Landscaping Proposal – FC explained their request to renew the north and south side fences on their lot while keeping in place the new post and rail fence across the back of their lot.  FC stated that approval had been received from the Hsu’s on the north side, but no approval had been received from Stark on the south side.  FC stated that they have an approved building permit from the City.  FC asserts that the reason for the requested fence modifications is to provide more privacy for them.  There is apparent a dispute on the height and nature of the south fence.  It will partially replace an existing hedge and will push further toward the Putting Green than the current hedge does.  FE suggests that this is a “party fence” since it will exist between the two properties and the two property owners should come to a common agreement on its height and nature.  FE stated that the Board will not proceed with approval without feedback from Stark and more detail on the proposal including the landscaping modifications to be carried out.  GC suggested that to proceed, the Board would need Stark’s input, the Board perform a site visit to see the existing hedge and fence, and to get a better/integrated description of the fence and landscape changes.  FC agreed to provide a composite diagram of the proposed new landscaping and fences before the next Board meeting, as well as providing their approval documentation from the City.  Part of the landscaping proposal includes plantings on the common area of the Putting Green behind their back fence.  FC stated that he prefers they not provide landscaping the in the common area.  FC offers to leave the back post and rail fence in place in trade for their landscaping in the common area.  FC stated that the Board objective is to facilitate a mutually agreeable outcome among all the parties.  FC also agreed to provide a detailed plan for their front yard landscaping that she said was approved by the Board in 2019.  This item is carried forward to the agenda for the July Board meeting.


4.      Kim Solar Panel Installation (300 Starlane) – A solar system installation as proposed in the Plan Set in an e-mail of 6/24/20 was approved.


5.      Ho Back Yard Fence (5203 Starlight Mesa Lane) – A proposal to replace the existing (developer’s original) back yard fence as documented in the e-mail of 6/22/20 was approved.


Maintenance Issues

1.      The Pool Committee Chairman (Nathan Fan) was authorized to proceed to arrange for painting the pool house restroom doors, replace the door closer on the woman’s restroom, paint the gate and repair the fence by the woman’s restroom, and to repair the deck furniture.


2.      FE will develop a vendors list for repairs to the sports courts (A/I 20-010, Esrailian)


3.      The document “All Things Mesa” needs to be updated to be a current handbook for the Board for managing the Mesa (A/I 20-011, Cunningham)


4.      FE accepted the responsibility to be the principal interface with the Landscaping Contractor, Jose Toribio.  FE will review Toribio’s current contract (A/I 20-012).  He will also determine what is being done about relocating the Association’s sprinklers behind the recently relocated fences.


5.      Karen Levin will be contacted about repairing the gazebo canvas (A/I 20-014, Cunningham)


Security Issues

FE reported that he had received two proposals from Post Security: $8k per month for 8 hour/day patrols, and $13K for a six-camera surveillance system (not including Internet connection, power and monitoring).  He will get proposals from other vendors.   The objective of these systems would be to be a “deterrent” to trespassing and crime by non-Mesa residents.


Financial Status as of 5/31/20

FE reported that current expenditures are $3K below plan for the month and $16K below plan for the year to date; and that income is essentially on plan for the month and year to date.  Reserves are at ~$112K.  There are three residents that are 90-days late.  FE with interact with Cardinal Management on late actions.


Uncashed checks for party reservations in 2018 that were held by the Association will be destroyed.


Next Meeting

July 15, 2020 at 7:30 pm via video.