Minutes of Board Meeting, June 24, 2010

7:30 PM at the pool

Present:  Board members:  John Kim, Muriel Horacek, Scott Swanson, and Steven Low

Mesa Resident:  Maynard Morris

The minutes of  May 26, 2010 were approved.

Maynard Morris asked for approval for renovations of his home at 5338 Stardust Road, which included replacing the rotting wooden columns in the front, replacing the rotting front door, and a new driveway.  Approval was granted.

John reported that one long-delinquent account has been paid, and in the case of another one, TMEI will send a letter advising of a lien on his house if the money is not received.

Steven will be away from July 12 to Sept. 1, but will inform us of quotes from several catering services for the Sept 11 BBQ. 

It was reported that brush clearance is almost completed.

Joe’s previous suggestion of replacing the irrigation controller for the Starlane hillside, presently located in the garden of 5100 Diamond Point, with a remote controller operated by solar power mounted on the hillside was approved.  Also approved was moving valves and pipes from the garden at 5200 Diamond Point Road.

Joe’s request that we improve the gardener’s shed gate and fence was postponed until our next Board meeting.

Scott will write to Deuk Lee giving final approval for his house renovation since he has complied with our requests.

A sign listing pool rules to be hung on the west fence in the pool area was approved.  Muriel will obtain a quote for this.   It was also approved to post No Smoking signs at the pool, tennis court area, and near the wooden steps.

A resident reported that she found both pool gates propped open one evening.  Muriel will remind residents that this is against the law.

We’re still finding dog feces on the “green” and in the sand at the tennis court playground. 

The next Board meeting will be at 7:30 PM on Thursday, August 12, at the pool.

Muriel Horacek, Secretary